Servicing Healthcare Equipment in Egypt Creates Big Wins Beyond Just Healthcare

Servicing Healthcare Equipment in Egypt Creates Big Wins Beyond Just Healthcare

September 16, 2019 at 02:09pm

GE Healthcare’s 15-year investment in after-sales service in Egypt is proving invaluable, keeping life-changing equipment at the ready in support of a critical industry.

Through its in-country spare parts warehouse and new Life Care Solutions equipment repair center, GE Healthcare is helping customers maintain their equipment in good operating condition, so doctors have the equipment available to scan patients more quickly to diagnose and treat medical conditions. That’s good for patients, for hospitals and for clinic administrators.

In fact, the repair center is cutting repair cycle times by 60% or more, while reducing costs to customers by 50%. And as a result of the spare parts warehouse, more than 65% of GE Healthcare equipment parts are available in Egypt, allowing equipment to be repaired within an average of three days.

Meanwhile, GE Healthcare’s after-sales infrastructure is so robust, the tubes for computed tomography (CT) technology and x-ray can be installed at the customer site in 48 hours or less.

Through the deployment of digital technology , GE Healthcare has significantly built up its remote maintenance capability, so that in 2018, 28% of the company’s systems could be repaired remotely across the country, resulting in an overall system uptime of 97%.

Enabling faster customer support, however, is not just a result of more hardware and physical infrastructure. GE Healthcare also has been expanding its team of field service engineer, particularly over the past three years. Today, fully half of its service workforce is comprised of field service engineers who travel to customer sites across the country.

By putting an emphasis on growing its in-country teams at its spare parts warehouse and Life Care Solutions repair center, and building its field service engineer workforce, GE Healthcare is creating a win for the Egyptian economy as a whole. By localizing expertise, GE Healthcare’s expanding footprint in Egypt is creating jobs and enhancing skills, knowledge and capabilities.

GE Healthcare provides these services from existing offices in Cairo and Alexandria, and soon from the under-construction office in Assiut, Upper Egypt.

In all, GE Healthcare employs more than 200 Egyptians, who support more than 14,000 healthcare technologies installed across the country. The result is better health to more Egyptians.

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