Investing in Algeria, GE Healthcare Speeds Medical Equipment Servicing

Investing in Algeria, GE Healthcare Speeds Medical Equipment Servicing

June 16, 2019 at 03:06pm

When medical equipment isn’t working, patients can’t be screened, treatments can’t be developed, and healthcare facilities can’t operate efficiently. To avoid this, GE Healthcare has invested millions in Algeria to speed after-sales service.

By building a warehouse and now a repair center, and expanding local expertise, GE healthcare is making sure that when its equipment needs servicing or maintenance, the spare parts and repair expertise are available in Algeria.

GE Healthcare’s US$3-million spare-parts warehouse makes it possible for 60% of parts required for repair and servicing to be stocked locally. The warehouse reduced GEHC equipment repair time to an average of three days. That meant that during 2018, GE Healthcare was able to repair 700 pieces of equipment.

Further improving the efficiency of equipment service, GE Healthcare recently opened in Algiers a medical equipment repair center. This facility is helping reduce repair times by up to 50% for GEHC equipment such as ultrasound scanners, reanimation machines, anesthesia equipment, and diagnostic stations.

Beyond financial and material investment, the company also is committed to developing local human capital. Over the past three years, GE Healthcare has increased its staff of maintenance engineers by 50% in the country, further speeding customer support response times.

In addition GE Healthcare is supporting hospitals and clinics in more remote areas of the country by developing the capability to conduct remote maintenance. Today, 30% of equipment maintenance in Algeria is done remotely by engineers based in Algeria.

Since we became the first medical devices company to establish direct operations in Algeria, our investment in after-sales service and maintenance capabilities has been a priority for us, with more than half of our workforce dedicated to this function,” said Mehdi Ferdjioui, Managing Director of GE Healthcare in North West Africa.

As a result of these efforts, Algeria has become a hub for GE Healthcare in North West Africa.

GE Healthcare established direct operations in Algeria in 2008, and today employs 160 people, most of whom are Algerians in three regional offices in Algiers, Oran and Constantine.

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