Pakistan’s Largest Independent Steam Power Plant to Go Digital

Pakistan’s Largest Independent Steam Power Plant to Go Digital

June 09, 2016 at 01:06pm

As the Internet of Things continues to grow at double-digit rates – one of the issues confounding users is the question of interoperability. Does this software work with my hardware or with my other software? For the Industrial Internet of Things, this issue is even more critical; so it’s big news that GE’s Industrial Internet based software solutions will be used across a large Pakistani steam power plant with no GE equipment.

Operated by the Hub Power Company Ltd (HUBCO), the 1,292 megawatt (MW) Hub Power Station in Baluchistan, Pakistan will deploy GE’s Digital Power Plant solutions, which integrate hardware assets, big data and data analysis software to enable operators to analyze and monitor operations in real time across the plant. They will gain new levels of visibility over the plant, including its steam turbines, generators, boilers and balance-of-plant equipment. New insights will help them identify maintenance issues ahead of time, thus improving availability and reliability, and also the overall asset lifecycle.

The software solutions are powered by GE’s Predix*, the world’s first and only cloud-based operating system built exclusively for industry. The platform is also vendor and technology neutral and, as the Hub Power Station demonstrates, operates across all type of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

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“GE’s Industrial Internet is a game changer for the energy sector and we are happy to be a part of this partnership,” said Khalid Mansoor, HUBCO’s CEO. “It is the first time that these advanced solutions will be implemented on a steam power plant in Pakistan, helping us to enhance the reliability of our operations.”

Pakistan has emerged as a global leader in leveraging GE’s Industrial Internet technologies, as the agreement with HUBCO marks the sixth deployment of GE’s advanced digital industrial solutions in the country. These six agreements not only reflect GE’s commitment to providing its partners in Pakistan with cutting edge solutions, but also the forward-looking approach being taken by the country’s power sector.

Commissioned in 1997, the Hub Power Plant in Baluchistan operates on four 323 MW generating units. It is the largest independent steam power plant in Pakistan and supplies the national grid with essential electricity every day.

GE has contributed to Pakistan’s development by supporting customers in the public and private sectors across power, oil and gas, healthcare, transportation and aviation for more than 50 years.

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