New Agreements Will Help  Provide Reliable Power to Iraq

New Agreements Will Help Provide Reliable Power to Iraq

January 26, 2017 at 05:01pm

For many Iraqis, juggling the use of their home appliances to prevent overloading their gen-erator and to manage the fuel costs associated with running it, is an every day task. And these are the lucky ones who can afford a generator to begin with. Access to uninterrupted power is rare and many households go for hours without power from the national grid every day.

The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity and GE are together tackling this problem head on. As part of a series of agreements signed between them, GE will set up two new 750 MW power plants that will add a combined 1,500 MW of electricity to the grid.
GE will also upgrade and rehabilitate four power plants to increase their combined power generating capacity by up to 580 MW.

Furthermore, the agreements include maintenance services for several existing power plants, thereby helping to secure the delivery and availability of another 1,750 MW of pow-er.

This new capacity will reinforce the country’s ongoing economic development, and support Iraqi households, businesses and manufacturers. Meanwhile, by boosting the efficiency of existing plants, GE is helping the Ministry manage capital expenses on new plants and pro-duce more electricity with less fuel.

The new agreements build on Phase I of the Power Up Plan that GE executed last year, during which it delivered more than 700 MW of additional power through existing Ministry power plants.

The two new power plants announced today – Samawa and Dhi Qar – each will have four 9E gas turbines. The initial simple cycle configuration is expected to be completed in 2018. The second phase will entail the combined cycle conversion of the 9E units.

GE has also been working with regional and international institutions to facilitate financing to help the Government of Iraq execute these and other projects. Since 2016, GE has helped the country secure $2 billion in financing for projects in the energy sector leveraging its global sourcing capabilities coupled with its strong relationships with lenders.

Today, GE has been present in Iraq for more than 40 years and operates three offices in the country – in Baghdad, Erbil and the southern oil and gas hub of Basra – to deliver its latest technology and expertise to the country. There are more than 130 GE turbines installed across the country and the company has created more than 250 jobs in the country, with nearly 95% of them filled by Iraqis.

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