‘Transforming’ Kuwaiti Substations will Keep the Electricity Flowing

‘Transforming’ Kuwaiti Substations will Keep the Electricity Flowing

October 02, 2017 at 02:10pm

Electrical transformers and substations are like highway on and off ramps. So, if a transformer goes down, it’s like the off-ramp is partially blocked. The whole neighborhood or industrial facility it serves won’t have the power it needs. New digital industrial solutions from GE are helping Kuwait ensure that doesn’t happen.

Covering 26 Kuwait Ministry of Electricity and Water transformers in 15 high-voltage substations, the retrofit monitoring and analytics turnkey project from GE Grid Solutions will provide the ministry with a continuous “health check” on these electrical transformers.

Monitoring sensors, analytics software and support from a GE service expert for customer support and data analysis will enable alarms, trends and data analysis in real time to ensure the continuous flow of electricity in communities across Kuwait.

Specific software includes Transformer Fleet Risk Management Software system offering a holistic overview, including dissolved gas analysis data. These gases signal the breakdown of materials within the transformers that can lead to electrical faults.

GE’s digital industrial solution is designed to help the ministry reduce the rate of transformer failures by allowing operators to better manage the equipment. It also will help lower maintenance costs by going from time-based maintenance to condition-based. So, instead of automatically changing a part at some specific interval, the part can be replaced only when it actually needs to be changed. That saves money.

Districts in Kuwait that will benefit from the improved transformer reliability include oil refineries, residential neighborhoods, airports and industrial areas.

The solutions provided are part of GE’s broader asset performance management solutions that leverage GE’s digital industrial expertise and its cloud-based Predix operating system designed for industry.

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