Strengthening public-private partnerships in Kurdistan

Strengthening public-private partnerships in Kurdistan

November 24, 2011 at 09:11am

Nabil Habayeb, President and CEO, GE in the Middle East, North Africa & Turkey and John Rice, Vice Chairman GE, President and CEO, GE Global Growth and Operations

GE has announced the opening of a new office in Erbil and signed multi-million dollar, multi-year agreement with Mass Global Investment Company. This will play a role in enhancing developmental opportunities in the Kurdistan Region.

The Kurdistan Government, over the past few years, has focused on wide-ranging developmental projects across all key growth sectors – from energy to infrastructure development, healthcare, aviation, water supply, power distribution and aviation. Across all these, GE has established strong partnerships that help the Government achieve its goals.

The announcement to open GE office in Erbil coincided with the first GE Day in Erbil, which focused on how public-private-partnerships can work together to enhance localization and deliver advanced technology that will drive the sustained growth of Kurdistan through creating new jobs and promoting knowledge transfer.

The summit was attended by 200 dignitaries: Nisar Talabany, the Advisor to the Kurdish Government; Diyar Babon, Director General of Kurdish Ministry of Electricity; Ahmed Mufti, Energy Advisor to the Kurdish Government; and Nabil Habayeb, GE’s President & CEO of GE For MENAT.

According to the Kurdistan Ministry of Electricity, the region’s three governorates – Dohuk, Erbil and Sulaimania – require between 1,600 to 1,700 MW of power. To help address this, GE is delivering 18 GE Frame 9E turbines to Northern Iraq, designed to generate 2,250 megawatts by the end of 2011.

Through the agreement with Mass Global Investment Company, an independent power producer in Northern Iraq (IPP), GE will support the company to maintain the high reliability and overall performance of the 18 GE gas turbines installed at the Arbil, Sulaimaniyah and Dohuk power plants in the Kurdistan region.

The long-term agreement covers the supply of parts and repairs services for planned outages of the GE Frame 9E gas turbines over a period of 12 years. The agreement will also support the building of local technical expertise with a tailored training program for over 30 Mass Global engineers.

To help address the region’s growing electricity needs, GE is supplying Frame 9E gas turbines to three key Mass Global Investment Company-operated power plants in Dohuk, Sulaymaniah and Erbil, designed to generate 2,250 megawatts of power.

Additionally, to further support Mass Global Investment Company, an independent power producer in Kurdistan in maintaining the high reliability and overall performance of the GE gas turbines installed at the three power plants, GE also signed a multi-million dollar, multi-year service agreement with the power producer.

The Kurdistan region has more than 47 productive oil & gas reservoir formations across its two major basins – the Arabian and the Zagros – accounting for about 43.7 billion proven oil reserves and close to 100 trillion cubic ft of gas, according to Kurdistan Regional Government estimates. GE’s gas turbines have a strong presence in Iraq’s oilfields due to their reliability and ability to use different fuels, highlighting the potential for stronger partnerships in the Kurdistan region.

Partnering in the healthcare infrastructure development plans of the Kurdistan Region, which today has over 466 primary health centers, GE Healthcare is providing advanced diagnostic technologies that are crucial to address the prevalence of an aggressive form of breast cancer – a key concern for the government.

GE has already installed the first in-country digital flat panel biplane cardiac cath lab system in Dohuk, and is supplying the country’s first radiation therapy CT technology to help oncologists deliver more precise treatment and drive a better outcome for cancer patients in the Kurdistan region, at the Qirgah Hospital in Sulaimania.

GE Healthcare has also been chosen as the supplier of choice by Farouk Medical Centre in Sulaimania for cardiac cath lab and clinical systems and devices; and has provided advanced healthcare technologies and solutions for the Azadi Hospital in Duhok, the Amal Cardiac Center and PAR hospital in Erbil.

GE also sees potential growth opportunities in the region in the aviation sector, which witnessed the opening of the state-of-the-art Sulaimania International Airport and Erbil International Airport; in alternative energy, with the Kurdistan Regional Government having invested in clean air fossil fuel technology power plants; and in driving water supply across the Kurdistan Region.

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