GE’s LEDs to bring advanced lighting to Dubai and Sharjah

GE’s LEDs to bring advanced lighting to Dubai and Sharjah

June 12, 2011 at 03:06am

Light-Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, are found in everything from consumer electronics to car brake lamps, and they might soon be even more ubiquitous in the UAE.

GE’s Lighting business recently kicked-off a series of seminars for officials to engage them in in the UAE on various aspects of street and area lighting. At the seminars, the possibility of installing GE’s LED Outdoor lighting solutions in Dubai and Sharjah, and its associated advantages in terms of energy conservation and sustainability was discussed.

GE Lighting’s partners at the event agreed that GE’s LED technologies can bring a significant shift in the way LED applications are approached currently. “We are excited about this roadshow and meeting all the partners and municipality officials. The discussions show us that there is clear demand on energy efficient, high quality lighting solutions and our role is to support our customers to be able to do the right specification and choose the best quality and reliable products,” said Tamer El Shaer, Regional Channel Manager for Lighting.

On the other hand, GE’s Lighting Business is also offering state of the art indoor LED lighting solutions that can be tailor-made for any application areas, to bring the most stunning lighting effect, together with high efficiency should it be retails, architectural, hospitality or home environment.

From inventing the humble light bulb to the world’s first visible LED design in 1962, GE has always been a pioneer in lighting.

As other parts of the world, the Middle East has also a growing preference for LED applications from urban projects to household applications, and GE’s technology can offer highest quality and reliable solutions to match the needs.

Watch this space for more news, and GE Lighting won’t keep you in the dark.

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