Digital Power Plant Is Coming to Iraq’s Hungry Electricity Grid

Digital Power Plant Is Coming to Iraq’s Hungry Electricity Grid

August 25, 2016 at 01:08pm

In a few years, when many of the households in and around Baghdad turn on a light, fan or computer, they won’t know that the plant producing this electricity is one of the first independent power producers in the country or that it’s using GE’s equipment, services and digital power plant solutions to optimize performance. They’ll just be glad the electricity is flowing.

And yet, these are key reasons why there will be electricity when these utility customers flip on the switch.


GE’s Power Services business has signed a multi-year agreement (MYA) with Mass Energy Group Holding and the $520 million contract also includes Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services, as well as GE’s advanced digital industrial solutions for the 3,000-megawatt (MW) Basmaya Power Plant. The plant, which is located about 40 kilometers from Baghdad, will have eight GE 9FA gas turbines and four GE C7 steam turbines. The project is being developed in two phases, with each phase delivering 1,500 MW of power.

GE will bring to Iraq’s power sector its digital industrial solutions, including its Asset Performance Management (APM) software application, which runs on Predix, GE’s advanced cloud-based operating system built exclusively for industry. APM will draw data to monitor, analyze, enhance and predict equipment health. Its anomaly detection capability helps predict outages before they happen, improving power plant reliability, optimizing just-in-time maintenance and reducing plant downtime.

“The introduction of Predix and the digital twin as part of the multi-year agreement for the Basmaya Power Plant marks a new shift in the industry by maximizing the distinctive value digital technologies bring to promote the power plant’s operational efficiency,” said Joe Anis, President & CEO of GE’s Power Services business in the Middle East and Africa.

This contract represents a continuing collaboration between Mass Energy Group Holding, the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity and GE to bring much-welcomed new power to the people of Iraq. The 12-year service agreement builds on GE’s long-term relationship with Mass Energy Group Holding, which includes prior contracts to provide gas and steam turbines to the Basmaya power plant, as well as other facilities in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

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