Boosting Dubai’s Health with Cardiology Center of Excellence

Boosting Dubai’s Health with Cardiology Center of Excellence

October 01, 2017 at 01:10pm

For a city like Dubai that’s moving at lightning speed to be a global metropolis, investment in healthcare delivers benefits on many levels. A new agreement involving GE and Dubai Health Authority is expected not only to enhance healthcare, but also boost medical tourism, provide training and education, and foster research.

A memorandum of understanding between Dubai Health Authority (DHA), GE Healthcare and Columbia HeartSource outlines how the three organizations will explore establishing a cardiology center of excellence in Dubai.

The center would use the most advanced technologies and clinical practices to help deliver the best patient care possible. It also would focus on training, education and research. As a leading Center of Excellence for cardiology in the Middle East and North Africa, the medical facility also would expand Dubai’s competitive capabilities in medical tourism.

In the initial phase, GE Healthcare will support DHA by sharing global best practice, solutions and capabilities, advisory services as well as its international network of partners.

The proposed center will build on DHA’s already highly qualified competence in cardiology, where DHA hospitals are already referral centers for complicated cardiac cases, and DHA cardiology departments are recognized for the specialized services they provide, both in interventional and open-heart cardiac procedures.

The MoU will help facilitate knowledge transfer and know-how to DHA, with the outcome being a self-sustaining, internationally recognized center of excellence.

Columbia HeartSource, the management services group at Columbia University Medical Center, will serve as a clinical affiliate, supporting DHA in programmatic services that will include advice, consulting, and implementation support for developing sub-specialized research driven multidisciplinary programs in an integrated inpatient and outpatient environment.

The initial exploration and planning phase is currently underway and expected to conclude in before the end of 2017. Implementation could begin as early as mid-2018.

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