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Leaders from Three GE Companies Named to ‘Global Meets Local’ List

For years, the GE name has been at the top of the Forbes Middle East “Global Meets Local” list, a ranking of influential leaders based on a number of criteria, including the company’s regional footprint, impact and CSR activities, its global ranking, and the effectiveness of the executive.


In 2023, instead of appearing once on the list, the GE name appears three times, reflecting the next chapter in GE’s 130-year history. In January of this year, the company began its transition into three independent, focused organizations with the spin of GE HealthCare. By early next year, GE Vernova and GE Aerospace are expected to complete the spin, with GE Vernova driving the energy transition, GE Aerospace delivering the future of flight, and GE HealthCare defining precision health.


All three regional leaders of these organizations appear on this year’s list: Joseph Anis of GE Vernova; Aziz Koleilat of GE Aerospace; and Hady El Khoury of GE HealthCare.

That the three leaders – all GE veterans with decades of experience – appear on this list speaks to the strength of GE’s legacy, leadership development, and commitment to excellence across industries. They are making a difference in their organizations and communities and are helping lead companies that are leading their fields regionally and globally.


The presence of all three companies also demonstrates the purpose for the creation of independent entities that will empower the companies to focus on their industries, operate with agility, adjust to local market requirements, and deliver even better for their customers.

Another aspect of this triple ranking is how well it illustrates the message of GE’s latest and final corporate advertisement, “Beautiful Law.” The spot concludes by reminding viewers that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but “it can be passed on to the next generation.”

Operating as GE Vernova, GE Aerospace, and GE HealthCare, these companies are showing themselves to be valuable partners in the fields of energy, aviation and healthcare – sectors that are absolutely crucial to regional development and top priorities for national governments and policymakers.

This reflects the words of Larry Culp, Chairman and CEO of GE, and CEO of GE Aerospace, when he announced the names of the three companies:

“Leveraging GE’s multi-billion-dollar global brand gives us a competitive advantage in our end markets, allowing these businesses to win in the future. Built on a foundation of lean and innovation, these brands will continue our mission of building a world that works and provide our customers with an important reminder of the strengths they value in GE.”

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