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Contributing to Turkiye’s Rapid Expansion of Solar Capacity, One Plant at a Time

Turkiye is moving quickly to expand its renewable energy capacity, including 1 gigawatt (GW) of solar power as part of the government’s YEKA-GES4 tender. One project contributing to this total is the 130 MW Nigde Bor Solar Power Plant, whose power station will be delivered by GE Renewable Energy.

Using GE’s FLEXINVERTER Solar Power Station, the project supports Turkiye’s goal of commissioning 10 GW of solar capacity between 2017-27, according to the International Energy Agency, as part of a longer-term goal of 52.9 GW of solar capacity by 2035 as outlined in the country’s National Energy Plan.

GE was selected by Ecogreen Energy to provide the power station, an integrated containerized solution that combines a solar inverter, medium voltage power transformer, and an optional MV Ring Main Unit, all integrated in a standard 20-feet ISO high cube container.

This project increases to 1.3 GW the total capacity of solar project that GE has helped deliver in Turkiye.

Prakash Chandra, Renewable Hybrids CEO, GE, said: “The potential for solar energy in Turkey is a reality. We are thrilled to be partnering with Ecogreen Energy on the projects and look forward to more opportunities to increase the penetration of renewable energy in Turkey and beyond.”

The FLEXINVERTER Solar Power Plant helps Ecogreen Energy reduce capital and operation costs and ensure more reliable plant performance.

Solar inverter are critical components of solar power plants as they convert the DC current generated by PV panels to the AC current used by homes, businesses and industry.

GE supports development of Turkiye’s other renewable energy sources as well, including wind power, where the installed base of GE wind turbines is 1.4 GW and the installed base of hydroelectric power is more than 10 GW, including more than 4 GW installed within the past 10 years.

Read more here about how GE supports development of renewable energy capacity in Turkiye and across the Middle East, North Africa and Turkiye region.



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