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A Beacon for the World: The UAE and Its Fifty-Year Embrace of the Future

More than 50 years ago, the United Arab Emirates was established by leaders with a clear vision for what union could bring its people. Today, the UAE is a global player, fueled by the power of its people, the ambition of its leaders, and the strength of this union.

In sectors as diverse as aviation, healthcare, and energy, the UAE is recognized regionally and internationally as a country that doesn’t wait. Instead, it implements the possibilities of the future … today.

The world needs countries like this. Nations that look forward with optimism for what lies ahead.

GE, which itself has been inventing the future for more than 130 years, is humbled to have been a part of the story of the UAE.

Since the country was formed, our energy solutions have been deployed to meet the growing demand for efficient, safe, flexible, and reliable power; our advanced healthcare solutions are in use across public and private sector hospitals with the goal of achieving better patient outcomes; and we support the UAE’s aviation sector through our partnership with leading national carriers.

In the sections below, we summarize the UAE’s successes and GE’s contributions, and conclude with GE’s commitments for the future.

The full paper is available to download here.


Energy for Growth

Over the years, GE has supported the UAE’s power sector in three main areas. One, by enhancing operational efficiency; two, by providing a broad array of power generation, transmission, distribution, and water process technologies; and three, helping to advance the energy transition by investing in a range of decarbonization technologies.

From the 2017 announcement of the UAE Energy Strategy 2050 to the Net Zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative revealed in 2021, the UAE has been clear on its goals and commitments. GE’s portfolio of solutions to decarbonize the power sector supports this national vision with investments in a mix of renewables, gas, nuclear, hydrogen, carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration (CCUS), hybrid solutions, battery energy storage solutions, and other low and near-zero power sources.


Healthcare for a Strong Nation

GE has a legacy of supporting the UAE’s healthcare sector, with more than 16,000 pieces of advanced medical equipment in clinics and hospitals in every Emirate, supporting the nation’s mission of promoting wellness and building cross-generational health. For decades now, GE’s technologies across medical imaging and ultrasound, anesthesia, ECG, ventilators, maternal and infant care, patient monitoring, and digital solutions support clinicians in the UAE to diagnose disease and improve patient outcomes and overall healthcare delivery.

The UAE is a regional leader in embracing the potential of digital health and GE Healthcare is supporting government entities and private providers to make precision health possible. GE has worked with partners and customers to implement “digital” hospitals, telemedicine and remote clinical support, advanced medical records management, and the GE Healthcare Command Center, which helps optimize patient care.


Aviation for Connectivity

The UAE has invested significantly in building a robust aviation industry, through the establishment of innovative, future-focused national carriers and world-class airports that enhance global connectivity. As a result, the country has become a major global aviation hub. Over the years, GE Aerospace has offered a wide range of solutions, including aircraft engines, maintenance and servicing, asset management, software and optimization solutions, and access to its local and global innovation and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) networks.

Looking toward the UAE and global commercial aviation sector’s net-zero future, GE Aerospace is helping UAE airlines to operate more efficiently. This includes supporting sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) testing, offering digital and maintenance solutions to reduce emissions and fuel consumption, and innovating together, whether at the Middle East Aviation Technology Center or through initiatives such as Aviation X-Lab.


Training for the Future

One of the central developmental narratives of the UAE is its focus on building national capacity and a future generation of talented professionals. With inclusivity and diversity at the core of the leadership’s vision, nurturing youth, a focus on STEM, and empowering women are critical pillars of the UAE’s past, present, and future. This will ensure a rich pipeline of individuals who are ready to lead across the industries of energy, aviation, and healthcare.

At the heart of GE’s onward journey in the UAE is a commitment to continue nurturing local talent. This includes leadership training for customers and government partners, professional development of Emirati employees, youth outreach, and education to encourage careers in STEM fields.


Historic Commitments

In 2021, GE made a historic decision to transform into three independent, industry-leading, public companies focused on the growth sectors of aerospace, healthcare, and energy – GE Aerospace, GE HealthCare, and GE Vernova – our portfolio of energy businesses.

The UAE both challenges and inspires us to push our frontiers, ultimately across all three companies. Helping guide GE’s road forward in the UAE, we make four commitments:

Commitment 1

To be a net-zero company by 2050, including Scope 3 emissions from the sale of our products. We will work with our customers in-country to achieve this, aligned in support of the UAE’s Net Zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative.

Roadmap: We will support the continued generation of reliable power, while aligning with the sustainability and decarbonization targets outlined by the nation. We will accelerate actions to decarbonize by delivering technology for critically needed emissions reductions and scaling breakthrough lower-carbon technologies.


Commitment 2

To partner in the strengthening of the nation’s healthcare sector and to be at the forefront of the future of health by advancing precision healthcare solutions.

Roadmap: We will continue to partner with the public and private sector to help deliver integrated, efficient, and highly personalized care by applying advanced analytics, digital solutions, and artificial intelligence across the patient care journey.


Commitment 3

To continue working with the nation’s airlines on a safe and sustainable future of flight.

Roadmap: We will collaborate across the aviation industry to accelerate near-term uptake of alternative fuels such as SAF and decarbonization efforts. We also are working on what’s next: improving fuel efficiency by 20% through open fan and other technologies, hybrid electric, and hydrogen combustion, among others.


Commitment 4

To maintain significant investments in localization and capacity development initiatives across energy, healthcare, and aviation.

Roadmap: In alignment with the UAE vision, we will build on our presence in diversified sectors to drive transformational growth and create national competencies by empowering the next generation.


The Best Days Ahead

Following the success of Expo 2020 Dubai and a 51-year legacy of overcoming obstacles and innovating the future, the eyes of the world look to this nation as a beacon of what is possible. With wise leadership, a diverse and unified population, and an ecosystem of supportive partners, the best days of the UAE lie ahead and have the potential to positively impact the globe’s collective future.

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