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GE Aviation Engines to Power World’s Largest Air Freight Carrier in Qatar

At a time of rising demand for air cargo – including expectations that global 2022 demand will exceed 2019 levels by 13%, the world’s largest air freight carrier has placed a large order for GE Aviation aircraft engines to help power its growth.

The order from Qatar Airways includes 30 GE9X engines and four GE90-115B engines, plus GE TrueChoice™ services. This order is in coordination with Qatar Airways’ agreement for 34 firm Boeing 777-8 Freighter orders, with an additional 16 purchase right options, and an additional order of two Boeing 777 Freighters.

The GE9X engines not only feature the same reliability as the GE90-115B, which has a world-class dispatch reliability rate of 99.98%, but also reflect GE Aviation’s commitment to a more sustainable aviation industry.

The GE9X is the most fuel-efficient jet engine GE has ever produced on a per-pounds-of-thrust basis. Fuel efficiency is improved by using the latest generation heat-resistant Ceramic Matrix Composites materials, additively-manufactured parts and lean-burn combustion.

Additionally, the engine offers the lowest NOx emissions in its class, and is the quietest GE engine ever produced.

As with all GE commercial engines, both the GE9X and GE90 are compatible with any approved Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

“GE Aviation has great history and proven track record of powering freighter-dedicated aircraft,” said GE Aviation CEO John Slattery. “We are proud to continue building our relationship with Qatar Airways and play a significant role in their growth with this order of Boeing 777-8 Freighter and 777 Freighter aircraft.”

The announcement comes little more than two months after the November 2021 Dubai Air Show, where GE Aviation announced a number of technologies and collaborations to drive sustainability in the aviation sector.

Read more here about how GE Aviation is supporting airlines and their sustainability efforts across the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.

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