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GE in Algeria: Translating International scale into local business growth

Today, 27th June, marks Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSME) Day. MSMEs are a critical part of the socio-economic fabric of any economy, driving growth, job creation and innovation. As Algeria looks to diversify its economy away from a dependence on hydrocarbons, the creation of a dense network of MSMEs can help catalyze this transition.

As a long-term partner to the country, GE has tried to ensure its presence in the country is a win-win-win: for the people of Algeria, its customers and GE. It also knows that as a large multinational company, it can bring its scale to positively impact local MSME ecosystems and foster entrepreneurial growth.

At GE, we have worked hard for years in Algeria to nurture and support the development of local businesses. A robust ecosystem of micro, small and medium enterprises not only contributes to local job creation and national development objectives but also strengthens our ability to deliver results with speed and quality, ultimately helping our customers succeed,’’ said Mofeez Murtaza, Sourcing Leader for GE Gas Power Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

For instance, GE Gas Power has worked with IRMA Algérie and Arados International on key energy infrastructure projects, benefiting from their expertise of the Algerian market and reliability. These companies have supported GE’s needs on the construction sites of the Hassi R’mel and Koudiet power plants, mobilizing manpower, handling heavy equipment such as bridge cranes, providing digital solutions to improve productivity and more.

We are honored to be part of GE’s circle of trusted partners. We provide local guidance, manpower and material. In return, we get to partner with a world-leading company that helps us learn more about international standards and certifications, expand our networks and be a part of large, complex projects, which helps us scale up our operations,” said Sana El Hafidi Commercial Leader of IRMA Algérie.

Additionally, the experience of working with a global organization like GE gives local suppliers more credibility in the eyes of other clients in the country and beyond, helping them to win more business and grow further.

On top of the regular relationships GE builds with local SMEs, the company also contributes to Algeria’s start-up ecosystem, most recently by making equipment donations to IntroGex EntrOGX, an incubator located in Adrar Ouargla, as well as to Sylabs, an entrepreneurship and technology hub in Algiers. These donations of 3D printers, CMC mills and laser-cutters will help start-ups in need of equipment to develop prototypes.

‘‘GE is honoured to play a small part in building a strong Algerian ecosystem of successful local companies and thus contributing to the long-term growth and diversification of the country’s economy,’’ said Mofeez Murtaza. ‘‘Looking ahead, we are excited to keep strengthening these collaborations further!”

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