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GE in the UAE: Great Employees Make a Great Company, and a Great Place to Grow a Career

What makes a company a Top Company? There are many factors, but perhaps one of the most important is whether an organization can help employees grow in their careers.

That’s the focus of the LinkedIn Top Companies List, an annual international assessment that for the first time this year examined companies and their workers in the UAE. LinkedIn News developed the list for the UAE and the other 19 countries included in the annual survey, based on the company’s analysis of its member data, which reflects the career paths of millions of professionals globally.

We are honored to announce that GE is featured on the 2021 LinkedIn Top Companies List for the UAE!

The key criteria for inclusion on the Top Companies list are familiar aspects of life at GE: career advancement opportunities, the ability to grow skills, low employee attrition, outside demand from recruiters for GE employees, a supportive company culture, gender diversity, and a wide range of educational backgrounds that reflects broader employee diversity.

More than 1450 employees work across numerous sites, offices, and facilities in the UAE. They work in aviation, helping jet engines to soar; energy, bringing power to homes, hospitals, and industry; and healthcare, supporting doctors and clinics to provide access to quality care. They do work that is often unseen and behind the scenes, but which is critical to our everyday lives.

Which is why GE says thank you and congratulationsto our incredible team for earning this honor.

It is your work on behalf of customers every day, your passion to learn and to turn challenge into success, and your professional drive and desire to think outside the box that helps you succeed in their careers.

Together, we’ll continue to make GE a place where careers can thrive, as we build a world that works for our customers and communities.

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