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Connecting Patients and Doctors Across Borders for Better Health Outcomes

Even before COVID-19 emerged, the Dubai Health Authority was promoting telemedicine as a valuable way to improve healthcare by giving patients easier access to the doctors they need, even when not in the same building, city or country.

That’s why Al Tadawi Healthcare Group is installing high-end critical care, ultrasound and imaging equipment exclusively from GE Healthcare and its partner, Abu Dhabi International Medical Services (ADI) at its new hospital in Dubai’s Umm Ramool neighborhood. All the equipment selected for the facility is enabled for remote connection to enable telemedicine.

The reliable and secure connectivity is particularly important because Al Tadawi has signed a strategic partnership with Israel’s Sheba Medical Center. Sheba, the country’s largest hospital, will provide treatment and consultations to Al Tadawi patients in Dubai, both onsite at the hospital and remotely, relying on GE Healthcare technology.

The ability to offer remote treatment and consultation will help Al Tadawi and Sheba to improve clinical outcomes and drive patient and physician satisfaction.

The hospital is set to open later this year. Going forward, GE Healthcare and its partner, Abu Dhabi International Medical Services (ADI), will support the hospital’s expansion of clinic care areas with additional advanced healthcare equipment and equipment upgrades.

As well, GE Healthcare and ADI will provide 24/7 service and application specialist teams to support Al Tadawi’s clinicians. The new hospital focuses on providing personalized attentive care in state-of-the-art medical facilities and by drawing on world-class medical techniques to offer the best patient care.

The hospital seeks to ensure excellence in all healthcare services, and, with other public and private hospitals, to promote Dubai as a globally recognized destination for healthcare.

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