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The World’s 4th Largest Refinery Gets A Powerful Upgrade!

It takes a lot of energy to refine petroleum products such as gasoline and jet fuel. That’s why ADNOC Refining, the world’s fourth largest refinery, has implemented a GE Power gas turbine upgrade solution to further enhance the operations of ADNOC’s General Utilities Plant in Ruwais.

By implementing its MXL2 upgrade on two GE 13E2 gas turbines at the site, GE Power is helping to increase the two turbines’ generating capacity by a combined 23 megawatts (MW) – all without using more fuel. The upgrade will also prevent carbon dioxide emissions of up to 18,000 tons a year and increase the turbines’ availability by about six days a year by extending the duration between maintenance intervals. These benefits will help to lower operating costs for the plant and reduce the environmental impact of its activities.

“ADNOC Refining has grown into the world’s fourth largest refinery through a strong focus on building the efficiency and sustainability of its operations and GE is honored to work with the company,” said Joseph Anis, President & CEO of GE’s Power Services and Gas Power Systems businesses in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.

“Deploying the MXL2 solution, which combines GE’s latest technology developments and over 10 million operating hours of GT13E2 fleet experience, will support ADNOC Refining in lowering the costs of production per megawatt of power, increasing the availability of their assets and reducing environmental impact.”

The Ruwais General Utilities Plant generates up to 650 MW of power from four GE 13E2 turbines that provide an essential input for the company’s production processes.

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Industry: Gas Power

Country: Algeria, UAE

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