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A Powerful Plan for Iraq

Through both prosperous and challenging times, GE has worked alongside its customers and partners to help build a power infrastructure in Iraq that today represents more than half the country’s total active power generation capacity. Building on this track record, the Ministry of Electricity and GE have signed historic Principles of Cooperation (POC) that will enable the government to translate its vision of rebuilding the country into reality.

Under the POC, GE has presented a plan that would dramatically improve daily life for millions of Iraqis, strengthen the national economy, and deliver critical services to local communities.

The plan is expected to bring up to 14 GW of new capacity online, create up to 65,000 new direct and indirect jobs, support the government to realize savings and recoverable losses of up to $3 billion per year, establish a technology center, and support access to water and healthcare.

Mussab Almudaris, official spokesperson of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity said, “Our focus is on rebuilding Iraq to provide stable, sustainable development for our people, and developing the electricity sector is a critical component of these efforts. GE’s action plan is an ideal fit for our needs, offering a holistic package that brings industry-leading technologies, financing and social services to meet our most critical immediate and long-term needs.”

The plan represents the natural progression of decades of accomplishments that GE has achieved with its Iraqi partners and customers. Already since 2008, GE has:

  • Created jobs for over 6,700 labour
  • Trained over 800 employees of the Ministry of Electricity on gas turbine operations and maintenance works
  • Generated over US$1 billion in business for more than 650 Iraqi suppliers

Today, GE teams are deployed in the toughest locations across Iraq, bringing power where it is needed most. This includes Mosul, where GE is the first to rebuild a power plant damaged by militants during the recent conflict. GE is also building 14 substations spread from the north to south of Iraq, to strengthen the electrical grid. Additionally, GE has helped the Iraqi Ministry of Finance close loan agreements with various international financial institutions worth more than $1 billion.

Now, as part of the newly signed Principles of Cooperation, GE will immediately help the Ministry of Electricity to bring approximately 1.5 GW of additional power online by 2019 – the equivalent electricity needed to supply up to 1.5 million Iraqi homes. GE will also undertake maintenance and rehabilitation services to secure the availability of another 7 GW that are currently in operation.

In addition, the agreement includes upgrades and services for existing power plants; the conversion of simple-cycle power plants to combined cycle, which can help bring new power online without consuming additional fuel or releasing additional emissions; as well as the establishment of new power plants with efficient, reliable power generation technology. GE will also develop substations and overhead lines across the country, and a centralized energy management system covering generation, transmission and distribution.

Together, these initiatives will add up to 14 GW of power and strengthen grid connectivity. GE will assist the Government of Iraq to unlock financing for these projects through its extensive relationships with Global Export Credit Agencies and financial institutions.

Overall, GE’s activities are expected to help the Government realize savings and recover losses of up to $3 billion per year. Repairs, maintenance, upgrades and other services will help to reduce the operating costs of existing power plants. To further improve the transmission and distribution of power, GE will undertake comprehensive decongestion network studies, as well as advisory services to reduce collection recoverable losses. In addition, GE is offering its unique solution for integrating the capture of flared gas and power generation using GE’s advanced Gas to Power technologies.

As part of the proposals included in the POC, GE also expects to establish a Technology Center comprising of a Repairs Center, a Monitoring & Diagnostics Center, and a Training Center; supply three trailer-mounted mobile water treatment units to deliver drinking water for the people of Basra; and provide neonatal intensive care equipment as well as advanced medical care training for nursing staff at a neonatal intensive care center to meet the need for specialized healthcare services. The initiatives reflect GE’s long-term commitment to a shared future and the progress of the Iraqi people.

“Our presence in Iraq is based on a history of trust, partnership and success that spans over 50 years. We are honored to support the government’s focus on rebuilding Iraq, and we are proud of our legacy of delivering power where needed in the country,” said Russell Stokes, President & CEO of GE Power. “We understand how important it is to deliver power immediately and our holistic action plan brings together advanced solutions, financing, local investments, trainings and social services that are expected to benefit families, businesses and industries across Iraq.”

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