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UAE Government Leaders Program Explore Leadership at GE Crotonville

If you want to understand how complex the role of a leader is today, check out the agenda at GE’s Crotonville global training center in New York for nearly 30 Emirati leaders from the UAE Government Leaders Program.

Over five days, the varied curriculum reflected the complex nature of leadership in today’s constantly evolving and increasingly digital world. Sessions included not only “Digital in a Day,” “The Neuroscience of Success,” and the Industrial Internet of Things, but also storytelling, design thinking and leadership in “VUCA” (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environments.

Participants, including managers, directors, diplomats and chief executives, represented a range of government departments and government-related entities, including the UAE Prime Minister’s Office, UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the UAE Ministry of Human Resources & UAE Mission to the United Nations.

Led by instructors such as a former Army colonel, GE Digital and GE learning experts and outside thought leaders, specific program modules took participants not only to the Crotonville campus, but also to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met) in New York City and the West Point military academy north of the city.

The visit – the third by UAE Government Leaders Program participants to Crotonville following successful visits in 2017 and 2016 – also was enriched by a dinner for participants hosted by Mr. Anwar Al Azizi, Deputy Consul-General at the UAE’s mission in New York, and a talk by John Rice, Chairman of GE Gas Power and a 39-year veteran of GE

Held at the Met, the first module, “Storytelling,” was led by the Museum Hack team, which taught best-practice storytelling tips and tricks. Participants then put their learning into practice by telling stories about different art pieces. This module was first, so that their improved storytelling could inform their work during the rest of the week, as well as their work back in their own organizations.

Through a day of hands-on activities that included each participant building their own web application, the “Digital in a Day” module gave participants confidence in their understanding of the future of code, APIs (application programming interface) and machine learning.

The module on “Design Thinking,” helps these Emirati leaders to define their current business situation, including pain points, imagine their business context in 2030, build a “reverse” outcomes map describing opportunities deriving from the 2030 environment and creating a roadmap to help organizations succeed over the coming decades.

“Effective Leadership for a VUCA Environment” reflects the reality of the operating environment today by helping leaders develop a model of “mission command” – a process whereby leaders communicate their vision and intent and empower followers to determine the methods to accomplish the mission, even amidst changing circumstances. Led by a retired US Army colonel, the module included a guided tour of the historic West Point campus.

In “Neuroscience of Success,” participants learned how understanding the way the mind works can help you to change an organization’s culture through leadership that rewards over and over again the desired behavior.

The final module, called “Industrial Internet of Things,” uses simple IIoT kits, simple code and hardware, including LEDs, sensors and motors, explore the connection between software and hardware. It teaches understanding on how industrial sensor data can provide customer value and how prototyping can help in the real (business) world.

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