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Three-Day Hackathon Aboard Airplane Lands Improved Customer Experience

Sometimes, to really understand your customer, you need to step into their shoes … or in this case, sit in their seat. Royal Air Maroc recently hosted a first-of-a-kind three-day hackathon aboard a specially fitted Boeing 747 aircraft.

GE and Boeing helped organize the event, which brought together 120 participants from Morocco and several West African countries, including Senegal, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Ghana. The focus was on improving the customer experience for Royal Air Maroc passengers, with a focus on creating a more fluid and simpler aviation journey that delivers greater satisfaction and increased customer loyalty.

Although the plane was not in the air and Zumba dance breaks were held on the tarmac, all the brainstorming, work and pitch preparation took place aboard the airplane, helping focus the ideas of the hackathon participants.

With participants drawn in part from African incubators such as Moroccan-based LaFactory, which facilitates collaboration between large African corporates and startups, and MEST AfricaIncub’Ivoir and CTIC, #RAM747 was the first hackathon in Africa to be held aboard an airplane.

Although five winners were initially planned to be selected, the quality of proposals led to the selection of six winning teams. These teams will be provided incubator support, with the goal that their solutions will be used by Royal Air Maroc to enhance the customer experience.

This is the second hackathon that GE has supported in the region this year, following the Saudi Digital Machines Hackathon held in late March.

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