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World-Class GE Training Comes to Energy, Healthcare Employees and Customers in Algeria

When installing a new app or buying a new device, think how much more effective you are when you take the time to watch the tutorial or read the instructions. It’s the same for any piece of equipment or technology, only the stakes can be much higher – particularly in fields like energy and healthcare.

What’s more, the World Bank says that effective workforce training can directly boost a nation’s productivity, allowing the economy to grow faster. It also helps an economy be more flexible in the face of domestic and global changes.

With Algeria ranking near the bottom globally in workplace training, building domestic training capacity is an important lever to support economic development. GE continues to support those efforts with the first training center of its kind in Africa.

Following an investment of US$ 4 million, GE recently opened the GE Technical and Leadership Academy (GETLA) in Bab Ezzouar, a suburb of Algiers, to help Algerian technicians and engineers build skills to meet the challenges of the new industrial landscape.

GETLA is the first training center in Africa dedicated to developing the technical and leadership skills of GE’s employees and its public and private sector partners in the power, oil and gas, and healthcare sectors.

Designed to provide both in-person and remote videoconference trainings, the Academy will include GE Crotonville leadership training courses. Crotonville is GE’s global leadership training center and one of the world’s oldest and largest corporate universities.

“We seek to provide the main Algerian stakeholders operating in key sectors, including energy and healthcare, with the best of our know-how and expertise,” said Touffik Fredj, President and CEO of GE North-West Africa. “Our long-term commitment to training in Algeria aims to take advantage of our global network and our know-how in order to meet the evolving needs of our partners in the public and private sectors, as well as those of our employees”

GETLA is the latest GE commitment to boosting Algerian capacity. In 2013, GE Healthcare opened an Advanced Applications Center in Algiers for Algerian healthcare professionals. Since its opening, the center has delivered 280 hours of training to more than 300 participants.

As well, GE, in partnership with Sonatrach and Sonelgaz, has been operating ALGESCO, a service center dedicated to turbo-machines, as well as a training center, for more than 20 years. Since 2013, it has provided training to more than 1,600 people during more than 600 days of trainings.

GE has been a partner to Algeria’s development for more than four decades, working with customers in the public and private sectors to find solutions to address their most difficult challenges.

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