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Better Imaging Brings Better Cardio Treatments in Algeria

Adults in Algeria face a greater than one-in-five chance of dying from one of four main non-communicable diseases. Top among these is cardiovascular disease. Government education and information programs are part of the solution in prevention, but for those afflicted, medical imagining can play a big part in effective treatment.

An example of this medical imaging technology is GE Healthcare’s Discovery IGS 730 angiography system, which has been installed at the Frantz Fanon University Health Center in Blida. With this new system, the center’s cardiologists can obtain high-quality coronary and arteriography images for use in planning, guiding and assessing not only routine procedures, but also complex endovascular, cardiac and hybrid procedures.

The technology makes it possible for the facility’s cardiologists to perform the replacement of the aortic valve percutaneously in a precise and meticulous manner, as well as valvular stenosis, and even delicate proceduresto treat aneurysms through endovascular surgery.

Not only does the Discovery IGS 730 provide valuable clinical benefits, but its unique mobile platform means it can be moved aside, so multidisciplinary teams can complete procedures with unobstructed access to patients. The health center anticipates that this flexibility will mean it can treat more than 25 patients a day on the new equipment.

“GE aims to support Algeria in order to improve the collective welfare by facilitating access to better care, offering the latest technologies and delivering training to Algerian professionals,” said Mehdi Ferdjioui, General Manager of GE Healthcare Algeria.

GE Healthcare is providing a range of training programs to Algerian technicians and clinicians, ranging from workplace training sessions and online courses, to advanced workstation experiences at the GE Healthcare Advanced Applications Center in Algiers and learning opportunities abroad.

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