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Getting Onboard the Move Offshore

For most of our history, humans have looked exclusively to the land for sources of energy, whether that was wood, coal, gas, oil or even onshore wind and solar. But now, and into the future, we will more and more look to the sea for energy. Not only offshore oil & gas, but offshore wind and even tidal energy.

In order to operate offshore, we need boats to get to these facilities and to perform all types of services and tasks. What’s more – in order to help insure that these offshore energy resources operate as cost-effectively as possible – we need the most efficient, lowest-lifecycle cost vessels available.

That’s why GE has been working to continually improve the efficiency, simplify the maintenance, and increase the power and reliability of its marine diesel engines.

Three of its medium speed marine diesel engines, the L250, V250 and V228 (400 kW – 4600 kW and 900 rpm and 1050 rpm), will be featured at the upcoming Seatrade Middle East Workboats of Offshore Marine exhibition, to be held September 30-October 2 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

GE Transportation will not only be highlighting these engines’ reliability, fuel-efficiency and easy maintenance and installation. The team also will discuss the recently certified compliance of the L250 and V250 with IMO Tier III emission standards without the need for exhaust gas after-treatment. This after-treatment usually requires urea or other catalyst that then must be carried onboard the vessel. The improved L250 and V250 engines mean vessels no longer need to carry these catalysts and so have more room onboard for service use.

The exhibition and associated conference is the leading regional event in this sector, bringing together an unparalleled number of individuals and companies operating in the workboats and offshore industry coming from Africa, the Caspian Sea area, the Indian Subcontinent and the Middle East.

Industry: Transportation

Country: Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, UAE

Keywords: Efficiency, GE Transportation, Marine, Moving, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Renewables