• Unlocking the low-carbon economy with digital technologies

    This world is entering a new era of productivity across business and industrial operations as a result of the emergence of new digital technologies. Digital solutions, enabled by the Industrial Internet, can now increase output, use natural resources more efficiently and lower environmental impact.

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  • MENA’s Cleantech Startups

    Cleantech startups offer solutions that generate financial returns while minimizing negative
    effects on the environment. Startups featured in this study convert sunlight, wind, and waste
    into renewable energy.

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  • MENA’s Health Startups Unlocking the Path to Scale & the Future of Healthcare

    The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) faces daunting health and economic challenges, but a growing health entrepreneurship movement and ever-wider presence of ICT (information and communication technologies) is pushing the region to create and adopt advanced digital healthcare solutions.

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  • Mapping the Future of Work in MENAT

    The Future of Work provides enormous opportunities for the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (MENAT) region. MENAT countries have great potential, but struggle with formidable challenges and a status quo that is not good enough.

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  • Mapping the Future of Work in MENAT: A 2015 Outlook

    The pace of innovation is accelerating, driven by three hugely disruptive forces: the Industrial Internet, Advanced Manufacturing, and the Global Brain. At GE, we see these three forces as the interdependent elements of a new technological revolution, that we call the Future of Work.

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  • Water Energy Nexus: Business Risks and Rewards

    Water scarcity challenges industries around the world. Global population growth and economic development suggest a future of increased demand, competition, and cost for limited freshwater supplies. Scarcer water, in turn, creates new challenges for energy supply.

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  • The Moment for Industry

    You already know that software is eating the world. But the revolution has only just begun. So far, attention has been focused on the consumer Internet , where connected products have already transformed the way we live: from shopping to moving around town

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