Under 30 and Rising: Traversing the Globe to Change and Grow

Under 30 and Rising: Traversing the Globe to Change and Grow

August 10, 2020 at 12:08pm

For Julien Sayed, change and adaptability have defined his career – and his success – so far. He was born and raised in France, where he trained as an electrical engineer with a specialization in automation. Soon after joining GE, Julien made his first big move – transferring from the south of France to the country’s north.

Then it was further afield, to northern Europe and Estonia. Now, he’s in Dubai, where he works with a UAE utility customer on a project whose main partner is a Chinese engineering, procurement and construction company.

Those moves were a challenge, but also opportunities to change, learn and grow, he says. “My biggest challenge was changing locations, going abroad and needing to adapt myself to each time to a new environment and new culture.”

It’s little surprise, then, that he attributes his success to adaptability as he traverses the globe. “I always manage to adapt myself to the team, to the project, to the environment. I can interface well with everybody,” he says.

He credits GE with helping him stretch in this way. “I have been given the opportunity to go abroad, to meet different people, to experience different cultures and languages. I’ve grown a lot from this international experience.” GE also helps him grow by monitoring his career progress, providing training along the way, and working with him on his career objectives.

Regular change is also what he loves about his current role as an electrical construction manager for GE Steam Power. “I’m doing a bit of everything on a daily basis. It goes from the technical to communication with the customer, to coordination with subcontractors and other departments, to working with site management and project management. There are opportunities to do some engineering, some management, some pure technical work – all in one job.”

It’s clear that he lives by a piece of advice he’s always remembered: “Adapt yourself to the situation, but stay true to who you are.” He also follows other words of wisdom: “Work hard and you will succeed in reaching your objective.”

That thinking perhaps reinforces his approach to failure: “Failure is a part of life … but it’s not failure if you learn something from it. If you gain some experience from it, modify how you do something, improve something – if you do this, then it’s not failure.”

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