Under 30 and Rising: ‘Love What You Do, Believe in Yourself’

Under 30 and Rising: ‘Love What You Do, Believe in Yourself’

July 06, 2020 at 04:07pm

When Nehal Kamal was studying at university, she promised herself that she would finish with an A+ GPA. The pledge was no easy challenge, given that her first-year grades were not as good as she wanted them to be. But setting tough goals and achieving them is very much this GE Service Center Specialist’s approach to life.

She not only successfully brought her GPA to an A+, but also achieved honors, as she earned a BSc in Software Engineering at Helwan University in Egypt.

Nehal explains how she did it: “I concentrated on my work a lot more. I did a lot of self-learning and took more courses outside of college.” She also pursued a series of internships during the summers, working in fields such as programming and software development, “I learned more non-academic things and gained experience in areas beyond what was taught in college, such as what technologies companies were using.” Her summer internships between her third and fourth university years were with GE.

She’s inspired by the belief that “when you love what you do and you believe in yourself, you can do anything.” Her hard work and pursuit of different internships reflect her commitment to getting out of her comfort zone and to never missing an opportunity to get a step closer to her goals.

She takes the same approach as a GE Healthcare employee. With enthusiasm, she performs her role at the Service Center, where she takes customer calls regarding equipment that requires servicing, then coordinates with remote technicians or field engineers, follows up on service jobs, ensures parts are on order or on their way to sites, and keeps customers updated on progress.

As well, she takes on other assignments, particularly in the areas of data analysis, data cleanup, and research.

A self-identified “social” person, Nehal attributes her success, in part, to developing good relationships with colleagues, expanding her professional network, “being friendly with others, and leaving a good impression.”

She also takes a positive approach to failure or other tough times. “I tell myself, ‘It’s not the end of the world. This is only temporary.’ I make a point of talking to someone close to me about it … and after I’ve taken time, I figure out what went wrong and how to never make the same mistake again.”

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