Under 30 and Rising: Improving lives in moments that matter

Under 30 and Rising: Improving lives in moments that matter

August 31, 2020 at 11:08am

“There is a never a dull moment in supply chain,” says Peker Oguz, a Project Management Coordinator with GE Healthcare, based in Turkey. That has always been the case – he’s had to deal with coups, wars, and economic crises – but especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Challenges have always been part of the equation for Peker, who manages the supply, delivery and installation of diagnostic medical imaging equipment in more than 10 countries across the Middle East and parts of South Asia. “Diagnostic medical imaging” refers to the techniques used to visualize physical diagnosis, like radiography (x-rays); and nuclear medicine, such as PET, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT).

Being able to manage uncertainties, along with the urgency of delivering critical equipment into the hands of doctors and other clinicians requires “the resilience and dedication it takes to win against all odds, in our region, and now, more than ever,” he says.

“Especially with COVID-19, demonstrating excellence in my job is crucial to changing lives,” he says.

As someone who likes to plan one step ahead in his own life, Peker is ideally suited to this role, which currently covers the UAE, Pakistan, Oman and Afghanistan – countries where markets, regulations, logistics and cultural dynamics differ significantly from one to another.

“I need to be a problem solver. It’s what I like, finding the best solution for a problem.”

Peker joined GE Healthcare in 2016 as an intern while still at university. He’s grown a lot since his first days in GE. “I was a bit of a reserved person when I joined, but because I had to work with so many different stakeholders, I was able to develop many soft skills. GE offered me great opportunities to work as part of a big team – and that means not only those I’m sitting next to but also people across the globe, like in China or the US.”

This work is what makes Peker proud to be part of GE Healthcare. “It is a great motivation to know that I’m helping to improve lives in moments that matter. I know that every step that I take contributes to the wellbeing of people in need. I also am grateful, because this ability to help is not something that everyone can experience on daily basis.”

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