Under 30 and Rising: ‘If There Is a Need, Then Let’s Do It’

Under 30 and Rising: ‘If There Is a Need, Then Let’s Do It’

August 05, 2020 at 09:08am

Ozgur Besbudak did three internships while at university. Two of them followed a route that is all too typical: small assignments with little responsibility or significance. The third internship with GE, however, was totally different.

“It didn’t feel like an internship. It felt like a full-time role,” says Ozgur, who was hired full time at the end of the internship after graduation, and today is a Service Analytics Specialist with GE Healthcare’s Service Excellence Team covering 16 countries across the Middle East and Turkey. He is developing applications to help people working at GE find and visualize information they need.

“I was a GEnius Program intern, where I had important responsibilities – preparing reports, providing data to leadership. As an intern, I was treated like a colleague. That helped me grow, learn how to communicate with managers, and work in a company. Actually, I’m still learning.”

Not only did he gain valuable practical experience for the work he did, but he also received credit for that work – another difference from his earlier experiences.

“At another company, if you do something [as an intern], your manager would claim credit. At GE, when they gave me responsibility to do or prepare something, they would give me the credit. Even little things, like when I would prepare an email, my manager would write a note at the end saying, ‘thanks to Ozgur’ for writing this email or creating this Excel report. That helped me to grow.”

In fact, Ozgur made internships a priority during his university years, something he points to as a reason for his success. “During university, which is very theoretical, you should also do something practical, like internships. They were very good for me to learn social skills and the practicalities of work in the real world.”

That proactive approach is reflected in his “let’s do it!” outlook on both life and work. He explains: “Everybody says ‘we can,’ ‘we will.’ But in the end, most of the time, we don’t see anything happen. I try not to be this kind of person.

“If there is a need, then let’s do it. Let’s start immediately and finish as soon as possible. If we need a new workflow, let’s do it. In my personal life, if we want to have coffee, let’s go right now!

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