Under 30 and Rising: ‘Challenge Accepted!’

Under 30 and Rising: ‘Challenge Accepted!’

July 21, 2020 at 11:07am

Mustafa Maher has a lot on his plate these days. Not only does he work full time as a Sales Specialist selling GE Healthcare equipment in Egypt, but he also takes on “stretch” assignments beyond his main responsibilities. What’s more, he’s married, has twin young girls, and is working on an MBA.

“I’m a bit young for all this responsibility,” he says, but in the same breath adds, “I believe that life without challenge is meaningless. There is a TV show where they say ‘Challenge accepted!’ That’s my thinking. I always push myself more.”

He doesn’t confront these challenges alone, however. He looks to his wife, as well as his supervisor at GE, for support, guidance and mentoring. It also helps that he’s passionate about his work: “I love sales” is how he puts it. In secondary school, he wanted to be a radio broadcaster. “I was a good talker and liked discussing different points of view. So, I’m thankful that my current job offers me a chance to do that. I’m still communicating with different people and different cultures – just not on the radio.” In fact, meeting with customers is one of his favorite times of day.

He also takes a positive approach to failure. After shaking it off, it leads him to say, ‘Challenge accepted!’ If I lose one deal, I’m determined to win two more.”

He also knows that “there’s nothing wrong with making mistakes; what’s wrong is repeating them.”

There’s one more thing that undoubtedly helps Mustafa make it through a challenging day: knowing that his work has impact. “I consider myself a tool for delivering the best quality medical equipment to healthcare facilities. I impact patient life by selling best-quality equipment.”

Much of Mustafa’s approach to life was modeled by his father. “He was a self-made man. He worked on himself, and I learned to do that from him. Also, he is honest. He said, ‘Never lie to a customer, a manager, or your wife.’ I really hate lying. Being honest is the key. It’s how I earn the trust of my customers.”

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