The Winds in Turkey Are Blowing for GE’s Giant Cypress Onshore Wind Turbines

The Winds in Turkey Are Blowing for GE’s Giant Cypress Onshore Wind Turbines

March 17, 2020 at 03:03pm

Although not nearly as tall as nearby Mt Uludağ, the 12 Cypress wind turbines from GE Renewable Energy that will power the Guney wind farm in Bursa, Turkey are each much taller than a 33-storey building.

The 5MW Cypress platform is the world’s largest onshore wind turbine, with blades so long, they are built in two pieces and have a rotor diameter of 158 meters. That’s nearly 50% longer than a standard football pitch!

The 70-megawatt wind farm being developed by Sanko Enerji also will have two smaller GE Renewable Energy 3 MW wind turbines.

Set for commissioning in the last quarter of 2020, the Guney wind farm will produce enough electricity to meet the equivalent energy needs of 71,000 Turkish homes, save about 200,000 tons of CO2 and support Turkey’s renewable energy ambition.

Guney is the second Sanko Enerji onshore wind project to have selected the Cypress wind technologies, following the 2019 awarding of a contract to provide Cypress tur-bines for the 51 MW Gazi-9 wind farm.

It also is the third order in Turkey in less than a year for Cypress, and Turkey now represents one of GE’s biggest sources of orders for the new Cypress onshore wind platform, accumulating 255 MW of orders to date.

GE Renewable Energy will produce the wind turbine blades locally, at its LM Wind Power subsidiary in Izmir, which employs more than 550 employees.

The Cypress technology is a good fit for wind energy projects in Turkey, as it signifi-cantly improves the Annual Energy Production of a wind farm and increases the effi-ciency of servicing plants.

These turbines from GE Renewable Energy are the company’s newest and largest onshore turbine platform. The Cypress is unique in having a two-piece blade design, which enables blades to be manufactured at even longer lengths. This also makes the logistics of wind farm construction easier, thereby driving down costs and making it possible to use these turbines in locations that were previously inaccessible be-cause of excessive blade lengths.

Cypress wind turbines also were selected for the 138 MW Saros onshore wind farm in Turkey that is being developed by Borusan EnBW Enerji

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