The Safety Factor: What’s a Huge Health and Safety Milestone? 2 Million Injury-Free Hours

The Safety Factor: What’s a Huge Health and Safety Milestone? 2 Million Injury-Free Hours

July 23, 2020 at 04:07pm

More than 1,900 engineers, technicians and other specialists from GE and Saudi utility and energy companies have worked together over the past two years to achieve a major milestone – 2 million injury-free hours.

That’s a lot of hours. In fact, if you watched the clock for 2 million hours, it would take more than 228 years. Achieving such a milestone was possible thanks to teamwork from female and male Saudi talent working alongside colleagues from across the world, all of whom share a commitment to the highest standards of environment, health and safety (EHS). This milestone includes hours logged by employees from GE, its field services subsidiary FieldCore, and its partners and customers.

Tthey’ve been working on the installation and upkeep of power plants across 35 sites in the Kingdom that generate electricity for the grid and for major oil and gas installations.

FieldCore’s around-the-clock operations provide critical support to partners who deliver uninterrupted power supply to Saudi homes, hospitals, businesses, and critical facilities. This was achieved, despite COVID-19 travel restrictions and lockdowns, and while following all safety protocols.

“We understand how critical it is to ensure field support, especially during the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, when the reliable and safe supply of power, water and healthcare provision is a top priority,” said Taher Abujoudeh, General Manager for FieldCore’s Africa, India and Middle East region.

“We have been working with our partners in the energy sector to ensure that the plants operate without downtime and any ongoing work is executed on-schedule,” he added.

Achieving this milestone was in part the result of GE’s commitment to localizing its global health and safety best practices and standards, said Hisham Al Bahkali, President & CEO, GE Saudi Arabia & Bahrain. “This contributed to upscaling safe business practices in the Kingdom and helped to create awareness about safe work environment procedures for many other industries – not just in Saudi Arabia but also across the rest of the Middle East.”

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