New Software Gives Cardiologists Hours of Their Day Back So They Can Focus on What Matters Most: Patients

New Software Gives Cardiologists Hours of Their Day Back So They Can Focus on What Matters Most: Patients

July 15, 2019 at 03:07pm

To state the obvious, speed of diagnosis and treatment is important in healthcare, but its urgency is perhaps most critical in cardiology. A few minutes can be the difference between life and death for a cardiology patient.

So, optimizing the time & efforts of cardiologists and technicians can directly benefit patient outcomes, not to mention reduce cardiologist burnout and improve patient flows in hospital and clinical settings.

A new enterprise solution from GE Healthcare’s Enterprise Digital Solutions is helping cardiologists and technicians reduce their reporting time by up to 75%. That’s 75% of their day that was earlier spent on reporting, that they can use to spend more time with patients, to more quickly determine diagnoses and treatments, and time to buffer against burnout, a common condition among cardiologists. 

Reporting in six clicks

Called Centricity Cardio Enterprise, this software solution provides integrated dual screen side-by-side reporting with more than 100 pre-programmed report templates to save time. The dual-screen feature links the written physician narrative on one screen with the cardiology images on the other.

The solution can pre-populate a report (with about 80% of the fields) and, selecting one of the 100+ most frequently used quick reports based on initial patient assessments, makes it is possible complete the clinician report in five or six clicks, depending on the clinical module. 

Bringing structure to cardiology

The result is not only fast, accurate and detailed reporting, diagnosis and treatment decision making, but also clearer and more complete reports. That’s because the system does away with the legacy cardiology department practice of relying on unstructured reporting and note taking.

Also, by creating a database of structured cardiology reporting linked to images, the software opens up huge artificial intelligence-enhanced public health and clinical assessment opportunities for health ministries, large hospital groups, and even large individual hospitals working with medical technology providers such as GE and its partners.

The ability to structure this cardiology information makes it possible to develop algorithms to support clinical decision making on the department, hospital group and country level.

A benefit to IT departments 

As a scalable enterprise application, Centricity Cardio Enterprise does more than facilitate clinical reporting and patient care. It also provides seamless storage and viewing of images (PACS for cardiology), post processing, structured reporting, and even the complex management of cardiology department inventory.

Inventory management is a powerful cost-control tool in a department where consumable items such as stents can cost thousands.

What’s more, Centricity Cardio Enterprise can be easily integrated using industry standard protocols to hospital-wide system.

With cardiovascular disease continuing to be one of the main causes of death in the GCC and wider Middle East region, Centricity Cardio provides a powerful tool to address this issue of rising concern.

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