In the Field: Out of the Box Approach Leads to Global Software Solutions

In the Field: Out of the Box Approach Leads to Global Software Solutions

September 03, 2019 at 03:09pm

Although GE Healthcare Senior Field Service Engineer Ahmed Gamal-Eldin Elsabbagh spends his days inside hospitals and clinics, his goal is always to think outside the box.

The 32-year-old engineer who hails from Egypt and works in Saudi Arabia knows from experience that this approach is how he and his fellow field service engineers build a strong relationship between GE Healthcare and its customers.

“We are very important because we interact with customers every day. We build the customer trust that is the base of a successful relationship,” says Ahmed, who provides installation, maintenance and servicing for all types of x-ray and interventional systems.

Ahmed offers an example of what he means about creative thinking: more than a year ago, he began noticing that many customers were facing issues with the calibration and alignment of Tube with Wallstand or Table receptors. What’s more, the customers would have to make repeated calls over a short span to recalibrate this equipment.

He reasoned that there must be a common cause and therefore a common solution. Bringing together his field experience with GE knowledge resources, he identified the issue and developed software that could be deployed remotely or onsite to realign the Tube without calibration.

The software, which requires only a three-minute process, was a local success, with customers extremely happy with the quick fix. Ahmed’s application will be launched soon and will be used by GE Healthcare field service engineers around the world.

“You can’t fall into a routine of just thinking about solving the one problem in front of you. You need to think out of the box; how can I solve this remotely, more quickly or in a smarter way to save the customers’ time? That’s the challenge we face every day.”

Ahmed is one of nine field service engineers from the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Pakistan region to be selected to participate in GE Healthcare’s Global Field Engineer Olympic Academy. They are among nearly 80 field service engineers from around the world selected to participate in a weeklong learning and development event during May at the GE Healthcare Institute in Waukesha, Wisconsin (USA).

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