In the Field: Maintain Healthcare Equipment, Maintain Your Customers

In the Field: Maintain Healthcare Equipment, Maintain Your Customers

May 26, 2019 at 02:05pm

Hisham Osman, 39, always knew he wanted to be an engineer; he just wasn’t sure which field. After learning about biomedical engineering, he’d found his calling: “I wanted to work with medical equipment that touches people and supports human health.”

Originally from Sudan and Egypt, Hisham earned a BA in Biomedical Engineering. Today, he is an Advanced Field Service Engineer in the UAE, working across nearly all models of GE Healthcare ultrasound technologies.

While his work centers on installing, repairing and maintaining ultrasound equipment, Hisham also recognizes the importance of maintaining customer relationships.

He tells a story about one hospital where an ultrasound machine broke down more than once in the months after installation. Each time, Hisham repaired it quickly, but when he went to speak with the doctor about how she like the machine, she said that while it works fine, she said it was wrong that a new machine would breaking down like this.

Hisham went to his manager and the sales team with the customer’s concerns and they agreed to replace the machine. After that, the hospital bought dozens of additional technologies from GE healthcare. “It’s important to fix the machines, yes. But you also need to maintain the relationship with the customer. That’s priority number one!” Hisham says.

Time is usually the biggest challenge for Hisham, as he works to keep machines running. Achieving this efficiently is not just about great technical skills, he says, it also requires soft skills such as effective time management and people skills. Like other field engineers, he both gives support and receives support from colleagues, whenever a challenging situation arises. Engineers also can call on GE Healthcare’s remote engineers, who bring global experience and perspectives to the problem.

Working together, Hisham and his colleagues keep customers happy. That in turn means well-served patients, which ultimately is Hisham’s passion. “I’m satisfied that by repairing equipment or keeping machines running, I’m doing something good for patients and for healthcare.”

Hisham is one of nine field service engineers from the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Pakistan region to be selected to participate in GE Healthcare’s Global Field Engineer Olympic Academy. They are among nearly 80 field service engineers from around the world selected to participate in a weeklong learning and development event during May at the GE Healthcare Institute in Waukesha, Wisconsin (USA).

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