Helping Control Cancer in Egypt Through Biomedical Excellence

Helping Control Cancer in Egypt Through Biomedical Excellence

March 12, 2019 at 12:03pm

Egypt’s National Cancer Control Plan is working hard to prevent a forecasted tripling of cancer cases by 2050. By providing medical imaging training, GE Healthcare is doing its part.

The national plan has four priorities to improve treatment and reduce mortality: early detection, prevention through better public health in areas such as smoking and obesity, effective treatment, and local cancer research. Better detection and treatment, as well as research, can be enhanced through improved skills developed resulting from the recently held Biomedical Excellence Day.

More than 150 from across the country participated in the training workshop dedicated to “Digital Health”

Other attendees included representatives from Ministry of Health, International Medical Center (IMC), Cairo University- Faculty of Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Department, University hospitals and  private sector

The Biomedical Excellence Day reflects GE Healthcare ongoing commitment to education and training in the healthcare sector and its support of the national cancer control plan.

In addition to the technical  trainings, the experts discussed the role that digitization, big data and analytics are playing in the healthcare sector, in areas such as optimizing asset use, predictive maintenance of equipment, and patient care.

They also discussed how the increasing volume of data being generated by medical equipment is providing insights in areas such as improving clinical decisions, and increasing collaboration among healthcare providers to deliver a more comprehensive approach to patient care.

GE Healthcare is the only OEM to develop its own data analytics tools that, combined with its workflow applications, can uniquely deliver scans directly to devices and into workflows at the point of maximum impact.

For more than 40 years, GE Healthcare has worked hand-in-hand with the public and private sectors in Egypt, with more than 14,000 of its healthcare technologies in hospitals and clinics throughout the country. Read more stories about GE Healthcare’s work to enhance healthcare in Egypt and across the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.

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