Training Center Teaches A Lesson in True Technology Transfer

Training Center Teaches A Lesson in True Technology Transfer

April 18, 2013 at 01:04pm

“Technology transfer” is a popular buzzword, but it is used so often, sometimes it’s hard to get a handle on what it actually looks like in the real world. The launch of a new GE training center in Algeria offers a good example of what technology transfer can be.

In its simplest terms, the center provides Algerian healthcare professionals such as radiologists, doctors and technicians with cutting-edge and immediately applicable vocation and technical training from one of the world’s leading healthcare organizations. In fact, GE is the only direct global provider of advanced healthcare technologies in Algeria, and it is GE Healthcare specialists, as well as expert doctors, who are leading these courses.

The center, which each year has the capacity to train 1,500 professionals, offers three tiers of learning. The first tier offers introductory courses on diagnostic imaging technologies that are open to all. The second tier focuses on applications, reading and interpretation of CT, MR, and ultrasound images. Not only that, but different disease stages, including oncology, cardiovascular and neurology, among others, also will be discussed. The third tier provides training in advanced applications such as MR, CT and ultrasound.

Located in Val d’Hydra, Algiers, this learning centre – or rather, technology transfer center – is called the GE Healthcare Advanced Applications Center, and it is set to begin operations in May.

After taking these courses, Algerian healthcare professionals will be able to extend the use of the advanced features of GE’s medical technologies, and thus also improve productivity. It is envisaged that the center also will bring more operational efficiencies to hospitals by further strengthening the skill sets of their professionals.

GE has a strong commitment to Algeria. GE Healthcare’s operations in the country are led by a team of 75 Algerian professionals, nearly 40 of whom are dedicated service professionals that provide strong customer linkages and efficient after-sales support. More broadly, GE is a social and economic growth partner to the country, operating two offices and two facilities in the country, and employing more than 440 people, including more than 50 women professionals.

For more on GE’s activities in Algeria, click here.

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