That’s a Wrap! Episode 4 of Cabin Pressure

That’s a Wrap! Episode 4 of Cabin Pressure

May 02, 2017 at 03:05pm

Picture this: you’re on a long flight. Food and beverages have been served and enjoyed, and you’re ready for a nap. Your eyes are closing, and the only thing that stands in the way between you and blissful rest is that you are absolutely parched. Thirsty! In dire need of a drink of water. Small problem – clearance hasn’t been done yet. Trays, plastic containers, foil coverings, uneaten food … you can’t get out of your seat without creating a huge mess.

Now imagine the flexibility to get up and move about the cabin, even if clearance isn’t done yet. How can this be? The Conceptualisers can tell you. They are disrupting a decades-old method of serving food, for the comfort of passengers everywhere. And their solution would make a positive impact on the environment and save airlines money to boot!

The Conceptualisers and three other startups are featured on the fourth and final episode of Cabin Pressure, the filmed pitch competition looking for new ways to enhance the aviation and travel experience. The competition is part of Intelak, the aviation and travel incubator launched by the Emirates Group, GE, and Etisalat Digital in September.

The winning team competed against three other start-ups in Episode 4, to win AED 50,000 in startup capital and four months of incubator support. They join three other winning and two runner-up teams in the inaugural cohort of the Intelak aviation travel incubator.

The Intelak incubator gives innovators, entrepreneurs, and students from across the UAE the opportunity to develop their travel and aviation-related concepts. The judging panel for Cabin Pressure includes Neetan Chopra of the Emirates Group, Rania Rostom of GE, and Francisco Salcedo of Etisalat Digital. The previous three episodes can be found on the GE Hewar blog.

You can watch Episode 4, including the startup’s pitches and the judges’ discussion of them behind closed doors by clicking here.

“There’s so much promise, and good, strong team dynamics here, and this is just the beginning,” said Rania Rostom, GE’s Chief Innovation & Communications Officer for the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.

The other Episode 4 competitors included Network in the Air, a company seeking to bring a social networking aspect to flights; Trip Tag, a travel company that focuses on amplifying the world’s travel knowledge through online sharing; and Voxera, a call service provider that helps world travelers avoid excessive roaming charges while they’re on the road.

Before their filmed pitch presentations, the teams underwent a demanding week-long boot camp, with coaching and mentoring that addressed four themes: design thinking, marketing, finance and pitching skills.

The four winners of Intelak will have an opportunity to pitch their proposals to angel investors and venture capital firms at the end of their incubation period. Teams also will have potential co-creation and job opportunities with the Emirates Group, GE and Etisalat.

For more examples of this type of creativity happening in the region, visit the Hewar page that’s focused on innovation and entrepreneurship across the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, and Pakistan region.

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