Tapping the GE Store Will Keep TANAP Gas Flowing

Tapping the GE Store Will Keep TANAP Gas Flowing

June 13, 2016 at 03:06pm

GE will use what is basically a commercial jet engine specialized to stay put on the ground and generate electricity to keep billions of cubic meters of natural gas flowing from Azerbaijan to Turkey and Europe.

Called the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP), this 1,850-kilometer project involves 10 countries and several multinational partners, including GE. In 2018, it aims to supply an initial 16 billion cubic meters of clean natural gas to consumers in Europe and Turkey.

But to get from the natural gas fields in Azerbaijan all the way through Turkey and onward to Italy, the gas must be pumped through the pipeline. This will be done by a turbo-compressor train, comprised of GE’s aeroderivative gas turbines and centrifugal compressor packages. Each train will keep the natural gas in the pipeline flowing until it gets to the next train.

In all, the giant pipeline project will have seven compressor stations and use a total of 28 aeroderivative gas turbines, which will pull a bit of the natural gas out of the pipeline to keep the whole thing operating.

Because these gas turbines have their origin in the sky, they have a relatively small footprint;they deliver 40% efficiency, which is high for this type of engine; they have lower carbon emissions;their maintenance costs are lower, and they produce more electricity using less fuel.

Interesting in itself, the TANAP story also provides a great example of the “GE Store” concept. The GE Store refers to the way the company is organized so that every business in GE, across every country it operates in, can share and access all the technology, markets, structure and intellect existing within the global organization.

That’s how the GE Oil & Gas team is able to draw on technology from the GE Aviation business to help keep the gas flowing through the TANAP pipeline. The gas pipeline project represents just one of many implementations of the GE Store in the North Africa, Middle East, Turkey and Pakistan region. Others projects have been implemented in Pakistan, Tunisia and Kuwait.

The story of the TANAP pipeline is told in a humorous and engaging video that is part of the GE Store series hosted by the Middle East’s own talented comedian, Wonho Chung.

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