Digital Industrial World: MaterialSolved Helps Scientists Visualize Complex Data

Digital Industrial World: MaterialSolved Helps Scientists Visualize Complex Data

October 28, 2015 at 04:10pm

MaterialSolved is a startup that provides visualization software and graphical representations of big data allowing scientists to distill information held within their complex data.

While working on her PhD research, the startup’s co-founder Amal Aboulhassan spent a lot of time with photovoltaic material scientists over the course of three years. During this time she found the community lacking a software tool that meets their visual modeling needs, something that currently doesn’t exist in the market.

“Omnia ElSaadany, my co-founder, and I, have 10 years’ experience in computer graphics, virtual reality, visual computing, and visualization. So, we came up with an idea on how to design a software framework that fills this gap,” said Aboulhassan.

Watch the full video above to get a clearer idea on how MaterialSolved, incubated by one of Saudi Arabia’s research universities, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), is designing software to manage the performance of solar photovoltaic (PV) cells.

Underscoring big data’s massive potential, General Electric is organizing its Minds + Machines conference, for the first time in the MENA region, to be held in Dubai on November 2nd.

A dozen of MENA’s tech and data startups will gather and hear from GE’s customers about how the Industrial Internet and Predix, GE’s cloud-based platform, are helping them deliver results based on big data.

Panel participants will provide testimonials on their experience with GE and discuss the implications of winning in business with technology and data.

The one day event will discuss how Industrial Internet is revolutionizing business and technology, and the possibilities of digital solutions pushing productivity, efficiency, and performance to new heights.

This article is brought to you from MEMakers GE, in partnership with Wamda Middle East.

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