Lighting Up an Auto Showroom, While Bringing Down Energy Use

Lighting Up an Auto Showroom, While Bringing Down Energy Use

June 23, 2016 at 02:06pm

As brick and mortar retailers respond to the dramatic growth of online shopping, one of the themes they return to time and again is “experience.” Physical stores can provide an experience that can’t be matched by shoppers sitting at computers at home or looking at their phones on the go.

Retailers are looking to make their stores more like theatre, where their customers can have an immersive, interactive experience. For automobile dealerships, this also is the case, with dealer showrooms the ideal place to show off what the cars look like, both inside and out. Setting cars in just the right light is a big part of this presentation, and getting the light just right is of particular value, given that a vehicle’s color makes a big difference to buyers.

This sense of theatre is reflected throughout the Arabian Automobiles Company’s flagship Nissan showroom in Dubai, where shoppers walk among dazzling, brightly lit automobiles. Yet, despite the energetic feel of the showroom experience, the recently installed GE LED lighting system has helped the showroom reduce its power consumption and related carbon footprint by nearly 70%.

“In line with UAE Vision 2021, Arabian Automobiles Company’s commitment to sustainability is driving the ongoing transformation of our showrooms into energy-efficient facilities, an initiative undertaken with full support from GE,” said Salah Yamout, Director of Sales and Marketing at AAC. “The installation of more energy-efficient LED lights help in reducing costs, are more environmentally friendly and create an ambience that will provide our customers with a better overall experience when visiting our showrooms.”

“We have set a new benchmark for car showrooms in UAE by reducing our power consumption and related carbon footprint by over 70% while also improving aesthetics and customer visual experience,” said Umar Khan, Senior General Manager, AW Rostamani Lumina.

The Nissan showroom is just the latest efficient lighting solution by Current, powered by GE, in the region. Other examples include the Grosvenor House in Dubai, and outdoor lighting solutions in countries from Turkey to Morocco.Current is changing the way people think about lighting in commercial, industrial, municipal and residential settings. Today’s lighting solutions not only can support energy conservation efforts, but also can be smart, with technologies that listen, interact, monitor and see.

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