Kuwaiti ‘Technopreneurs’ Tackle Global Engineering Challenges

Kuwaiti ‘Technopreneurs’ Tackle Global Engineering Challenges

October 27, 2015 at 12:10pm

Last month, Kuwait signed its first utility-scale solar project. But to drive solar energy — which accounts for just 1% of total energy generation globally — it’s crucial to bring down the cost. To help achieve this goal, the entrepreneurial spirit of bright young minds from around the world is needed.

GE joined Kuwait University as an “Innovation Partner” in its first Kuwait Global Technopreneurship Challenge, in collaboration with Taylors’ University of Malaysia organized to mark the 40th anniversary of its College of Engineering & Petroleum.

More than 650 students from over 70 nations are taking part in the Challenge that aims to identity innovative solutions to address three of the 14 pressing Global Challenges for Engineering in the 21st Century: Make Solar Energy Economical, Advance Health Informatics and Advance Personalized Learning.

The teams behind the 17 shortlisted projects will travel to Kuwait for a three-day mentoring and R&D workshop beginning November 14 and each winning entrepreneur or entrepreneurial team will be awarded a prize.

As the “Grand Partner” for the solar energy challenge, GE engineers will support the shortlisted teams with technical resources and knowledge to enhance their innovative solutions. GE will also be extending its all-round support to Kuwait University students offering technical counsel to address all the three Global Challenges.

GE’s association with the Kuwait Global Technopreneurship Challenge reflects the company’s commitment to in-country talent development, localization and a commitment to developing a long-term partnership with Kuwait University and other educational institutions in the country.

The goal is to promote collaborative opportunities across academia and industry — building on GE’s position as a digital-industrial company — to encourage local innovation in fields such as energy, including solar energy; oil and gas; and health care.

In addition to the solar energy engineering challenge, the two other selected challenges include: “Advance Personalized Learning,” which aims to develop teaching methods tailored to each student’s individual needs, and “Advance Health Informatics,” which seeks to find new ways to collect, manage and use health information, both to improve health care and to responds to public health emergencies.

For nearly eight decades, GE has worked with government and private sector customers in Kuwait, with notable examples including GE’s partnership on the world’s largest wastewater plant in Sulaibiya. GE contributes to Kuwaiti development in areas such as health care, aviation, power, and oil and gas.

For more about Kuwait Global Technopreneurship Challenge 2015, click here.

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