In the Field: Loving a Job That Puts You Outside Your Comfort Zone

In the Field: Loving a Job That Puts You Outside Your Comfort Zone

June 24, 2019 at 01:06pm

Remzi Doganay likes being challenged and learning new things. He also enjoys work that directly supports patient health, which is why he loves being an Advanced Field Service Engineer for GE Healthcare where he can do all three.

“I like being out of my comfort zone,” says Remzi, 36, who installs, repairs and services complex vascular and MR systems in Turkey. “And in this job, you face a lot of complicated issues. You also affect patient health.”

He explains that because systems like MR scanners are used in diagnosing disease, when he does his job well, the machines can help doctors enhance patient treatment. “That’s what I like the most, the affect my work has on the patients.”

Because of the complexity of the systems he works on, he’s constantly learning. “I’m always improving my technical skills, as well as my social and communication skills,” Remzi says. That’s because he regularly talks with customers and doctors about the equipment and the required maintenance or repairs.

All of his skills were brought into play about a year ago, when he was on his way to a hospital to perform a scheduled maintenance on an x-ray system. Suddenly, he received a call from another hospital with an urgent request: could he come right away because a patient was on the table for a procedure and the equipment wasn’t working.

That second hospital was in luck, Remzi explains, because at the time he received the call, he was just five minutes away. He quickly called the first customer to explain that he would be delayed and then raced to the second hospital. He got to the operating room, where the patient was still on the table. He rushed to examine the angiography equipment, quickly diagnosed the problem and completed the software repair. The equipment was ready to go in just over an hour from the initial call to Ramzi.

“They had prepared to move the patient but after the repair, they were able to continue with the procedure,” says. “They were extremely thankful, and they were lucky that I happened to be so close by!”

Remzi has worked for GE Healthcare in Turkey for nine years, having previously worked as an intern, where he was able to experience what a field service engineer does. It’s a job “where you cannot stop learning.”

Remzi is one of nine field service engineers from the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Pakistan region to be selected to participate in GE Healthcare’s Global Field Engineer Olympic Academy. They are among nearly 80 field service engineers from around the world selected to participate in a weeklong learning and development event during May at the GE Healthcare Institute in Waukesha, Wisconsin (USA).

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