Digitization Coming to GCC and Egypt’s Food Manufacturers

Digitization Coming to GCC and Egypt’s Food Manufacturers

October 31, 2017 at 01:10pm

Bringing “digitization” to the regional food & beverage and food packaging industries doesn’t mean we’ll soon be eating ‘virtual’ snacks and sodas, or even that our online avatars will. Instead, it’s about improving the industry’s productivity and efficiency.

A historic step toward enabling this across the GCC and Egypt has been taken as GE Digital and Obeikan Investment Group have signed a joint agreement to establish a new digitally focused practice within the Saudi manufacturer. The agreement was announced at regional conference Gulf Food Manufacturing, happening now in Dubai.

The practice, named Obeikan Digital Solutions (ODS), aims to provide digital transformation services to other food & beverage industry companies in the region. This represents a growing market, as the regional food manufacturing and processing sector expands – recently at rates above 5% a year in the GCC.

With this agreement, ODS will be GE Digital’s exclusive partner in the food & beverage industry, bringing Industrial Internet of Things solutions to customers in the region.

Digital transformation is critical to the food & beverage and consumer packaged goods industry, as productivity and efficiency continue to be key drivers of growth for these sectors, as well as for the GCC and Egypt economies overall.

Obeikan Investment Group will bring to the company its strong manufacturing and domain knowledge, as well as close relationships with customers in the sector.

GE Digital will bring digital technology knowledge and best practices to the partnership, having embarked on its own journey of digital transformation over the last several years. GE is the world’s digital industrial company, and has established itself as a transformative leader in digitization with software-defined machines and solutions powered by GE Digital’s leading applications and platform.

This announcement extends the May 2017 collaboration between Obeikan Investment Group and GE to work together to digitize two of Obeikan’s plants in Saudi Arabia, transforming them into smart factories. The partners also agreed on the potential to scale and convert the Group’s other plants across the Middle East, Africa & Europe in the future.

This conversion, now underway, will bring the Group unprecedented levels of efficiency and productivity, leveraging GE Digital’s application solutions including Digital Twin, a digital replica of physical assets; Asset Performance Management (APM), allowing for more intelligent operations through predictive analytics and a complete view of assets; and ServiceMax, a cloud-based field service management solution.

All solutions are powered by Predix, GE’s application development platform for the Industrial Internet of Things.

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