Decoding ‘Digital Industrial’: Unleashing Innovation in All Types of Organizations

Decoding ‘Digital Industrial’: Unleashing Innovation in All Types of Organizations

October 23, 2017 at 07:10pm

By Hani Chohan, VP Marketing for GE Digital in the, Middle East, Africa & Turkey

These days, there’s a lot of discussion about the transformative power of digital, big data, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The challenge in the industrial space is that we imagine this will work as simply as it does in our personal (or office) lives, when all we have to do is buy an iPhone or iPad and turn it on. Almost instantly we can become more efficient and productive.

On the contrary, successful digital industrial and IIoT solutions in factories and industrial facilities require more than just a “plug and play” notion, although as we’re going to press we’ve teamed up with Apple to make this significantly more user friendlyuser friendly. Still, it’s not just a matter of downloading an app when it comes to industry. To derive meaningful benefit from these digital technologies, the entire organization must be transformed. This is more than just theory or conjecture. This is based on countless lessons that GE has learned from our very own digital transformation journey over the past few years, and from that of customers in diverse industries around the world.

To effectively implement digital industrial solutions, whether in utilities, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, healthcare, or any other sector, the organization itself must first be willing to make a cultural shift. As Peter Drucker once said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

This is a compelling area where we can help our customers. Both globally and here in the region, we’ve seen what works, what’s required, and what steps are needed to implement a digital transformation that powerfully drives efficiencies and productivity.

Digitization drives advancement

We also have learned from our experience, and from customers, that through this digital transformation, companies can gain advantage by speeding product development, improving manufacturing processes, and even imagining and executing new business models.

Managing a plant or factory floor can benefit from digital industrial solutions by reducing equipment downtime or finding ways to increase production at a lower cost. CEOs and other top managers can see new ways to organize systems and operations, and begin to think about new elements they could bring into the organization, such as big data, artificial intelligence and robotics.

So, when we speak to a new customer, our advantage and differentiator is that we as a Company have gone through the digital transformation journey and have helped countless organizations do this across the globe. Through this we can share examples of

What’s worked for us and what hasn’t, what we’ve tried and what we haven’t. These so called “use cases” can help prospective customers with developing their own digital transformation blueprint, from a position of experience and execution. No other software company in the world has the industrial legacy and knowledge that GE Digital has.

How can I achieve transformation?

In the region, we’re working with many organizations that are looking to make what they do more relevant to the demands of their customers and users in today’s dynamic marketplace.

To this effect, GE Digital helps organizations by bringing solutions architects, subject-matter experts, and digital transformation teams to play a consultative role that is backed up by our capabilities and offerings. We are thus able to offer companies a roadmap and a path to achieving the results they want through digitization.

One of the best places to start on the journey is through APM (Asset Performance Management) and ServiceMax (a field service management tool). Working together, these Predix-powered apps help to streamline your machines, people and processes so you have the right asset, running at the right time, by the right person.

Beyond GE’s existing apps, the opportunities become almost limitless once you begin to think about how to capture data from your systems and industrial assets, analyze it and take action. The software platform where we build apps for Industry, Predix, can be accessed not only by GE developers, but by independent software vendors and customers as well. This means that if we don’t have the solution your organization needs today, we can work together to build it on a platform that was created to handle the scale and security needs of industrial data. And now with our partnership with Apple, industrial companies can access and develop their own powerful industrial IOT apps right on their iPhone or iPad using the Predix software development kit (SDK) for iOS.

I’ve sat across the table and seen the excitement in the eyes of customers that have begun this journey, both to imagine and to reap the rewards of a successful digital transformation. Feel free to reach out to me to begin your organization’s transformation into the digital industrial era.

Learn more about GE’s digital industrial solutions in the region here.

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