Big Data Means Big Improvements for GCC Healthcare

Big Data Means Big Improvements for GCC Healthcare

February 01, 2017 at 12:02pm

Big data analytics determines what we see in our social media feeds, offers suggestions on what books and music we might like, and shows us the fastest commute home. So why not tap this power to dramatically improve patient care and hospital operations?

That’s why GE Healthcare Partners, GE Healthcare’s advisory arm, has entered into strategic partnerships with government agency across the region. The goal is to leverage digital technologies alongside health consultancy expertise to help these health authorities achieve some of their top priorities.

For example, GE Healthcare is partnering with the Saudi Ministry of Health to bring the power of big data analytics to the ministry’s goal of using digitization to lower costs and improve patient care.

This digital program complements GE Healthcare Partners initiatives already helping to transform care throughout the region, including the Patient Centered Program (PCP) in Saudi Arabia. This first-of-its-kind program across Saudi Ministry hospitals is driving better patient outcomes through performance measurement and change management.

GE Healthcare Partners’ recent acquisition of two leading healthcare consultancies—Finnamore and Camden Group—has been instrumental in providing the regional capabilities necessary to drive the Patient Centered Program forward.

In the UAE, GE Healthcare Partners has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to jointly explore opportunities to optimize operations at DHA hospitals and primary care clinics. The joint effort is helping to realize DHA’s Patient Experience Transformation Strategy. The collaboration could find ways to enhance the patient experience through inpatient, outpatient, radiology, emergency and laboratory departments.

The MoU also covers the development of Dubai-based Centers of Excellence to drive better healthcare for Dubai, the UAE and the region.

GE is already bringing powerful digital technologies to the UAE healthcare sector through programs such as the “Unison” partnership to enhance 11 radiology departments across the country.

Other GE Healthcare Partners initiatives are already helping to transform care in the region. The Patient Centered Program (PCP) across Saudi ministry hospitals is the first-of-its-kind designed to drive better patient outcomes through performance measurement and change management.

PCP has been implemented in 30 of the busiest hospitals in the Kingdom, training over 300 Saudi professionals to achieve improvements in hospital operations; staff and patient satisfaction. It targets high patient traffic areas—emergency, inpatient, and outpatient—to improve operations, patient care, and clinical outcomes.

These digital industrial, big data analytics and advisory services are just some of the products and solutions GE Healthcare is presenting at its stand during Arab Health 2017, running through Thursday in Dubai.

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