Bilkent Campus Public-Private Partnership: The Right Prescription for Turkey’s Healthcare

Bilkent Campus Public-Private Partnership: The Right Prescription for Turkey’s Healthcare

March 17, 2019 at 12:03pm

For a healthcare project this big, this sophisticated, and this strategic, public-private partnership (PPP) was the natural approach, and at US$1.3 billion, the just inaugurated  Integrated Health Campus is Turkey’s largest PPP ever.

The enormous significance of the Bilkent Campus was reflected in the attendance of H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Turkey, at the formal inauguration today.

Covering almost one square kilometer in Ankara, the 3,711-bed facility will cater to 100,000 patients, visitors and staff every day, and employ 12,000 people, including doctors, nurses, other clinicians, administrators, and non-clinical support staff.

The campus consists of a core diagnostic center and six towers that house different medical services: a cardiovascular hospital, general hospital, children’s hospital, maternity hospital, oncology hospital and neurology hospital, as well as a clinic hotel and administrative building for the Turkish Ministry of Health.

GE Healthcare equipped eight radiology units, one radiation oncology unit and two nuclear medicine centers on the Bilkent Campus with more than 2,228 GE Healthcare MR, CT, PET/CT, mammography, x-ray, angiography, ultrasound and Life Care Solutions technologies.

The facility will help Turkey deliver more effective, higher-quality healthcare to citizens, even as it supports social and economic development, and turns Ankara into a regional hub for medical treatment.

It comes in the context of the Ministry of Health’s ambitious US$15 billion healthcare transformation strategy to deliver 31 PPPs and renovate 41,000 hospital beds in support of the country’s development plan.

The Bilkent campus – which represents one of the world’s largest public hospitals ever constructed in a single phase – also includes 904 polyclinics, a 700-bed intensive care unit, a 300-bed physiotherapy and rehabilitation hospital, and a 100-bed high security forensic psychiatry hospital.

GE Healthcare’s work on the project came through an agreement in 2016 with Turkish healthcare developer CCN Holding to form the first operational healthcare public-private partnership in Turkey. That partnership delivered comprehensive technology and healthcare solutions packages for the Mersin Integrated Healthcare Campus, a 1,300-bed hospital project that opened to patients in early 2017.

GE Healthcare has a strong track record of delivering innovative public-private partnerships in emerging markets, including Kenya, Nigeria, India, Ghana and the UAE.  In Turkey alone, GE has undertaken PPP projects worth over US$230 million in the last two years.

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