Zooming in on Patient Experience

Zooming in on Patient Experience

July 15, 2013 at 12:07am

It’s almost impossible to quantify the beneficial impact that a positive imaging experience can have on a patient, whether they are newly ill and looking for a diagnosis, or monitoring and treating a known condition. At Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC), a newly installed Magnetic Resonance (MRI) scanner from GE Healthcare will play a big role in helping to enable such positive imaging experiences.

That’s because the Discovery MR750w 3.0T MR scanner allows greater use of feet-first scanning, in addition to traditional headfirst scanning, and introduces a larger, 70cm patient ‘bore’ (the area where the person lies to be scanned), and a patient-friendly design to help lessen patient anxiety and stress during the scan.

In particular, it is ideal for patients who are usually difficult to scan, such as those who are elderly or very young, or those who are in pain and require a larger imaging system. A detachable table that can tilt to help better position the head and neck during brain and spinal exams is intended to help improve comfort, which helps reduce patient movement, thereby enhancing image quality.

MRI scanners use a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to create highly detailed images of the body’s internal structures and in many cases give different information about these structures than is revealed through other forms of medical imaging. MRI scans can highlight problems that cannot be seen with these other imaging methods, which include X-ray, ultrasound, or computed tomography (CT) scans.

During an MRI scan, the patient is required to lie on the scanner’s gurney, which is then placed inside the part of the machine that contains a high magnetic field. Although painless, MR imaging can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience for those who get stressed in confined spaces.

With its “Patients First” philosophy, SKMC will be able to use GE Healthcare’s Discovery MR750w 3.0T MR scanner not only to ensure the highest quality imaging for the most accurate diagnosis, but also to ensure that patients have the most comfortable and stress-free experience when undergoing an MRI procedure.

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