YEP You Can! GE Tells Young Engineers

YEP You Can! GE Tells Young Engineers

November 07, 2013 at 02:11pm

Around the world, the oil & gas sector is facing a skills shortage of as many as 120,000 professionals. It’s the same here in the Middle East, but even more acute, since only 13.6% of the workforce is comprised of locals. Many industry players in the region are working hard to address this issue, reflected in a new feature called “Young ADIPEC” at this year’s ADPEC oil & gas conference in Abu Dhabi from November 10-13. It is designed to interest students in pursuing a career in the oil & gas sector.

GE Oil & Gas also works to attract young people to the sector. It runs its Young Engineers Panel (YEP!) program at industry conferences in the region, including ADIPEC 2013. YEP! engages young engineers in productive dialogue about career opportunities in the oil & gas industry, gathers feedback on what matters to these engineers in perusing their careers, and uncovers insights into what it will take to attract the best and brightest engineers – particularly young nationals from the region – into the sector.

GE Oil & Gas will host YEP! at ADIPEC 2013 on Sunday, November 10 at 1:30 pm, with the participation of senior GE executives, government officials and key clients. Speakers include Dr. Ebrahim Al Hajri, Director of External Relations & Collaborations and Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the Petroleum Institute. All interested students and young professionals are welcome. Attendance to YEP! is free, but attendees must register here as an “Exhibition Visitor” to enter ADIPEC.

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