World Water Day: Shedding Light on the Importance of Water Recycling

World Water Day: Shedding Light on the Importance of Water Recycling

March 22, 2010 at 02:03pm

Sulaibiya Water Plant: GE and partners launched the world’s largest membrane-based water filtration project, which was also the company’s first major water project in the Middle East

“It’s often said that an economy runs on oil, but it also could be said that it runs on water,” said Heiner Markhoff, president and CEO of Water and Process Technologies for GE Power & Water. A clear issue for the MENA region as it suffers most from water scarcity in the world with less than one per cent of the world’s available supply. Also, according to the World Bank, about 60 per cent of the region’s water flows across international borders, further complicating the challenge of managing what’s available. The global water crisis is because of this scarcity around the world that is getting worse as water needs increase with population growth and urbanization.

A solution to this problem is water purification and reuse, which is a key focus of GE’s water technologies. So far, GE has purified enough water to satisfy the daily needs of 39 million people around the world. Projects in the region that work with this motivation include the recently opened GE Saudi Water Centre in Dammam that uses chemical blending as a process of water treatment; the GE Water Purification Plant in Kuwait that has a wastewater treatment plant that helps purify one million gallons of wastewater every day for agricultural and industrial purposes; and the Global Water Sustainability Research Centre in Qatar that focuses on innovative water solutions for various sectors.

As World Water Day draws global attention, we at GE are calling for widespread adoption of water reuse practices. It is imperative that industry leaders, educators and policymakers worldwide work together to implement the policies, technology developments and fiscal measures needed to ensure an adequate supply of clean water for the future.

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