With Advanced Training, These Kuwaiti Engineers Are ‘Doctors’ to Their Machines

With Advanced Training, These Kuwaiti Engineers Are ‘Doctors’ to Their Machines

August 26, 2015 at 05:08pm

We know that doctors go to medical school to learn how to treat patients, but what if you want to be a “doctor” to machines? Where do you go to learn these complex engineering skills?

For Omar Sadeq, Manager of Operations — West of Kuwait at the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), the answer is obvious: GE’s Bently Nevada Skills Development Program. “Obvious” because the first time KOC sent a group of its Kuwaiti engineers to the program, “We saw the results,” Omar explains. Key among those results was leveraging their talents and building up the skills and capabilities of homegrown Kuwaiti engineers.

That first group of engineers was so committed to the training, they insisted that junior engineers under their supervision undertake the same Bently Nevada course. As a result, eight KOC engineers, all Kuwaitis, participated in the second Bently Nevada training program.

Building on the strong ongoing partnership between GE and KOC, the second course was jointly developed by the two companies and included content customized specifically to suit KOC requirements, including case studies tailored to its needs.

The training began with a benchmark exam that gauged the participants’ competency levels and set the pace for the course. Following the benchmark test, the participants traveled to the GE Oil & Gas Training Center in Houston, where in phase one of the Skills Development Program they invested eight weeks learning the basics of how to monitor the condition of machines and equipment.

The course was packed with workshops, case studies and assessments. A sampling of topics covered included Vibration Fundamentals, 3500 Monitoring System Operation and Maintenance, System 1* and ADRE Fundamentals, Offline Data Collection, Advanced Balancing Techniques, Machine Alignment and Advanced Machine Diagnostics.

After completing training in Houston, the participants returned to Kuwait and embarked on phase two of the program. This required participants to put their coursework into practice with three weeks of on-the-job training, performed at their respective sites, followed by a certification exam.

During the on-the-job training, KOC engineers had to demonstrate their knowledge by using the ADRE and System 1 systems at their sites to collect the data needed to produce diagnostic reports that were then discussed with their GE instructors.

For KOC, GE’s Bently Nevada Skills Development Program has become an invaluable resource, and graduates of the program have gone on to advocate the use of Bently Nevada at their sites and to become leaders within their respective disciplines.

In this short video, hear directly about the course from the Kuwaiti participants. These KOC engineers are just a few of the many professionals in the region who have received training and on-the-job experiences at GE, in fields ranging from oil and gas, power and manufacturing to health care and aviation.

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